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About Me

(C) Arihara Nao / Shueisha inc.

My Story

Being an avid manga reader myself, I always try to look for new manga to read during my free time. Not being able to read Japanese at first has made me frustrated because the titles I could read were pretty much limited (even with fan translations existing).

Covid came and it gave me more drive to use my time in actually learning Japanese and finally, I did!! I’m still learning but it’s enough for me to read shoujo (I’m too lazy to fully learn kanji so I still can’t read most as standalone so I rely a lot on furigana). This skill has opened my eyes to finding even more shoujo to read and OMG I can’t believe I’m missing out on a lot of titles. Like, A LOT!!

And with that, I thought “Why not make a blog and showcase these titles?” (Maybe in the hopes of people picking them up either through fan translations or hopefully even an official English release.) Thus, the start of this journey since I already have the monthly shoujo magazines. Might as well put it to good use, right? LOL


I wanna keep this site as legal as possible so I can continue sharing manga without getting reported or mobbed by authors. Hahaha. That said, I won’t be mentioning any sites where you can read fan translations, so links where you can buy/read them will be either the official English or the Japanese site. (We wouldn’t want our precious fan groups getting reported nor our favorite reading sites taken down, right?) You can search it up on google to check if the series I’m sharing here are already being worked on by other fans.

Everyone has their own personal taste. To each their own, they say. So please, I hope no one will get discouraged with whatever opinions you read on this blog or from other sites because it’s up to you to decide whether a story is good or bad. I always have a “1/2 Volume” rule where I don’t give up on reading a manga (even if I think it’s bad, cringe, or too much) until I give it a chance to build its world in the story.

Some of the shoujo magazines collected in Bookwalker.


New series for upcoming magazine issues, New series that will be licensed in English, Manga getting anime and drama adaptation. I’ll do my best to inform you guys of any shoujo related news.


I’ll try to spam you guys with tons of manga to discover. Angst, fluff, completed, ongoing, and in any genre under shoujo. These are based on titles I discover when looking for one myself.


I’m gonna share my opinions about series which left an impression on me, Authors I recognize, and Magazines I check.

Spoiler Updates

Since I have the biweekly and monthly magazines, I’m gonna share summary updates for these series every releases. That means there will be spoilers and of course, some screenshots from the raws!!