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Bessatsu Comics Issue 09/2021

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Cover of Betsucomi Issue 09/2021

Queen’s Quality” by Motomi Kyousuke is on the cover of Betsucomi issue 9/2021.

This series is the continuation of the mangaka’s previous work- QQ Sweeper. The story is about Fumi who now lives with Kyuutaro who works as a sweeper (Those who clean the heart and mind of people with negative energy and harmful spirits).

New Serializations Next Issue:

  • Kemono de Gomen Asobase by Sagamichi Michiko – Juri looks may like a modern girl, but she’s actually the type who thinks and dreams of being like those girls from a shoujo manga. What will happen if she gets entangled with Haru, a playboy who’s practically OK with dating anyone?! A love story between two complete opposites,
  • Iya Desu, Kaichou! Mendou Desu!! by Fujimine Yamato – Orika is on the verge of getting held back a year in school. The only way for her to raise her grades, is to join the student council together with the student council president Mizuki. Who’s motto is to make life fun. With this, her troublesome and slightly fun life begins!

Volume Release Announcements:

Volume Release Announcements

Four series from Betsucomi will also release a new volume on August 26, 2021.

  • Akira-kun ga Moshirenaishi, Akira-chan ka Moshirenai by Yasuko Volume 2
  • Daifuku-chan to Ouji-sama by Chiba Kozue Volume 2
  • Kameba Kamu Hodo Amaku Naru by Hinachi Nao Volume 04
  • Uchi no Shitsuji wa Yuruganai by Amane Yuuko Volume 02

Chapter Released for Each Series:

20 X 20 Last Chapter

Am 8:02 Hatsukoi Chapter 06

Cinderella wa 6-gatsu ni Kieta Chapter 03

Cold Game Chapter 19

Daifuku-chan to Ouji-sama Chapter 06

Koi ni Naranai, Kono Ai wa Last Chapter

Maigo no Maigo no Koi Gokoro Chapter 01

Onzoushi no Narabu Mise Chapter 03

Osananajimi ni Koi Shitara Chapter 02

Queen’s Quality Chapter 70

Shujinkou Nikki Chapter 01

Sono Saki wa Private Desu Chapter 22

Urameshi Joushi wa Koi nado Shinai Chapter 02

Yuzuku-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai Chapter 34

You can get a copy of Betsucomi 09/2021 on Bookwalker or Amazon from the links below.


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