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Bessatsu Friend Issue 09/2021

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Cover of Betsufure Issue 09/2021

Defying Kurosaki-kun” by Makino is on the cover of Betsufure issue 9/2021 to celebrate the 1st part of its final chapter.

The story is about Yu Akabane, who’s trying her best to defy the sadist hottie, Kurosaki in order for her to enjoy her high school life.

New Serializations:

Two new series on Betsufure Issue 09/2021

1. Kurage to Sango by Nakato Nui – Mitsuki and Sango are twin sisters. Mitsuki is a beutiful shy girl while Sango is a problem child who annoys Mitsuki every day. Also, Asanagi-kun, Mitsuki’s crush has an interest in Sango!!

2. Hashiba Kaeda wa Tokimekitai by Haruto Aya – Kaede, a high school girl who has never experienced love, will be taught how to fall in love by a super hottie?!.

Volume Release Announcements:

Volume Release Announcements

Four series from Betsufure will also release a new volume on August 12, 2021.

  • Kyou mo, Karera no Otonare de by Komugi Nagisa Volume 2
  • Natsuaki-kun wa Kyou mo, Kokuhaku Shitai by Satoru Volume 2
  • Tonari no Otona-kun by Rukana Volume 4
  • Yamaguchi-kun wa Warukunai by Saiki Yuu Volume 5

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Abe-kun ni Torawaretemasu Chapter 31

Ano Ko no Kodomo Chapter 04

Arashi-kun no Dakimakura Chapter 14

Bengoshi to 17-sai Chapter 15

Hadaka no Nashi Chapter 01

Hashiba Kaede wa Tokimekitai Chapter 01

Inazuma to Romance Chapter 05

Kataomoi no Canon Chapter 02

Kawaii Nante Kiitenai!! Chapter 12

Kimi wa Hoshi no Ouji-sama Chapter 01

Koharu Biyori Short Story

Koi Suru Continue Chapter 01

Konchiwa Hamuko Short Story

Kurage to Sango Chapter 01

Kurosaki-kun no Iinarini Nante Naranai Last Chapter Part One

Kyou mo Karera no Otonari de Chapter 09

Maru o Kudasai, Sensei! Short Story

Megane, Tokidoki Yankee Chapter 07

Nadete Kanadete Chapter 08

Natsuaki-kun wa Kyou mo Kokuhaku Shitai Chapter 13

Neko to Kiss Chapter 11

Ojou to Banken-kun Chapter 29

Ookami ni Ribbon Chapter 01

Shiro-Ouji no Juunan Short Story

Tonari no Otona-kun Chapter 16

Yamaguchi-kun wa Warukunai Chapter 21

Yoru no Shita de Machiawase Chapter 06

You can get a copy of Betsufure 09/2021 on Bookwalker or Amazon from the links below.


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