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Bessatsu Margaret Issue 09/2021

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Cover of Betsuma Issue 09/2021

Kieta Hatsukoi” by Hinekure Wataru is on the cover of Betsuma issue 9/2021 to celebrate the announcement of its drama adaptation.

The story is about Aoki who has a crush on Hashimoto. -> Hashimoto found out that Aoki likes Ida because it was written on her eraser that he picked up. -> Ida saw Aoki holding that eraser and assumed he likes him.

New Serialization Next Issue:

Sparkling Blue by Kotonoha Tsumugi – Hikari has always spent her days working part-time in order for her to pursue her future dreams. Because of this, she has never interacted with anyone more so to Segawa, a guy in her class who’s from a gaudy group. But then…

Volume Release Announcements:

Volume Release Announcements

Two series from Betsuma will also release a new volume on August 25, 2021.

  • Futsuu na Bokura no by Yuki Nojin Volume 7 (Final)
  • Kieta Hatsukoi by Hinekure Wataru Volume 6

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Atsui Shizuku Short Story

Azato Kawaii Chapter 03

Cinderella Closet Chapter 27

Hinata no Blue Special Chapter

Hadaka no Nashi Chapter 01

Ichiban Nakayoshi Short Story

Ima, Koi wo Shiteimasu Chapter 20

Itsuka ni Kawaru Sono Shunkan Oneshot

Kieta Hatsukoi Chapter 27

Kimi ga Tokubetsu Chapter 30

Kimi ni Todoke-Bangai Hen Chapter 09

Kiyoku, Yamashiku, Modokashiku Chapter 08

Kogare Kagasare Short Story

Koi no You na Mono Ja Naku Chapter 10

Me no Oki ni Mesumama Chapter 61

Momoiro Romantica Chapter 03

Sakura, Saku Chapter 07

Sweet on You Chapter 02

Taiyou Yori mo Mabushii Hoshi Chapter 03

Tenshi Dattara Yokatta Chapter 02

Tokimeki Aiko Oneshot

Tsunaida Omoi no Sono Saki ni Oneshot

Yasahii Kimochi Oneshot

You can get a copy of Betsuma 09/2021 on Bookwalker or Amazon from the links below.


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