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Bessatsu Margaret Issue 11/2021

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Cover of Betsuma Issue No. 11 / 2021

Kieta Hatsukoi” by Hinekure Wataru is on the cover of Betsuma issue 11/2021 to promote its drama adaptation.

The story is about Aoki who has a crush on Hashimoto. -> Hashimoto found out that Aoki likes Ida because it was written on her eraser that he picked up. -> Ida saw Aoki holding that eraser and assumed he likes him.

New Series Announced

New Series
  • Heavy X Heavy by Momoshiro Mano – Madoka is a chubby girl is suddenly close with the famous Kuga-senpai!
  • Tachibana-san wa Kami-sama Desu by Shiba Hyori – He’s bad at communicating, but he wants to make 100 friends! His trusted mentor is a little seductress!

Volume Release Announcements

Five series from Betsuma will release a new volume on October 25, 2021.

  • Cinderella Closet by Yanai Wakana Volume 07
  • Kieta Hatsukoi by Hinekure Wataru Volume 07
  • Taiyou Yori mo Mabushii Hoshi by Kawahara Kazune Volume 01
  • Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu Mama by Kiuchi Ramune Volume 07
  • Uchi no Otouto Domo ga Sumimasen by Ozaki Akira Volume 05

Chapter Released for Each Series:

1 cm Merancholy Oneshot

Cinderella Closet Chapter 29

Futsuu no Bokura no Special Chapter

Hello Smile Oneshot

Ima, Koi wo Shiteimasu Chapter 22

Kieta Hatsukoi Chapter 28

Kimi ga Tokubetsu Chapter 32

Kiyoku, Yamashiku, Modokashiku Chapter 10

Koi no You na Mono Ja Naku Chapter 12

Sakura, Saku Chapter 09

Senaka Goshi no Sora Oneshot

Senpai, Oshitemo Ii Desu Ka Oneshot

Sonna Kimi to Koi Shitai Oneshot

Sparkling Blue Chapter 02

Sweet on You Last Chapter

Taiyou Yori mo Mabushii Hoshi Chapter 05

Tenshi Dattara, Yokatta Chapter 04

Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu mama Chapter 64

Uchi no Otouto ga Domo Sumimasen Chapter 21

You can get the copy of Betsuma 11 2021 on Amazon and Bookwalker from the link below.


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