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Dessert Issue 12/2021

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Cover of Dessert Issue No. 12 / 2021

Tsumugu to Koi ni Naru Futari” by Taamo is on the cover of Dessert Issue 12/2021 to promote its first chapter.

The story is about Tsumugi, who is not very good at socializing, suddenly moves out and ends up staying at his schoolmate and manga artist Ryotarou’s house.

New series announcements:

Two New Upcoming Series
  • Getsuyoubi ga Machi Tooshikute by Hataya Sumio – A love that made the leads run off in the corner of their classroom.
  • Houkago Kiss Shiyo yo by Asai Umi It was a kiss that I would never forget my whole life. A youthful after-school love story.

Upcoming Volume Releases

Five series from Dessert will release a new volume on November 12, 2021.

  • Baku Ten!! by Sakuraba Kei Volume 02
  • N to S by Kindaichi Renjuurou Volume 05
  • Ochite, Oborete by Inari Yuuko Volume 03
  • Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki by Yamamori Mika Volume 03
  • Zettai ni Tokimeite wa Ikenai! by Tsukishima Haru Volume 09 (Last Volume – 10 out on Dec 13)

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Azakoi Chapter 02

Chorokute Kawaii Kimi ga Suki Chapter 06

Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai Chapter 38

Hikaeme ni Itte mo, Kore wa Ai Chapter 04

Ijiwaru na Kimi ni Kanawanai Oneshot

Inukai-san wa Kawaiku Naritai! Chapter 01

Itoshii Namida Oneshot

Kaeri Michi Yume Miru Ice Cream Oneshot

Kareshi ga Kanpeki Sugite Tamarimasen Oneshot

More Kare no Orange Special Chapter

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 24

Osananajimi ga kyouteki desu Chapter 36

Oshinobi Date wa Sentou de Oneshot

Revue-Dan! Last Chapter

Tsumugu to Koi ni Naru Futari Chapter 01

Slow Jet Coaster Chapter 08

Unmei no Hito ni Deau Hanashi Chapter 04

Uso Koi Chapter 04

Yubisaki to Renren Special Chapter

You can get a copy of Dessert 12 / 2021 on Amazon and Bookwalker from the link below.


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