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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 41 Summary

Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 41 Cover Page

Okay! I know everyone’s upset at how crazy the cliffhanger was back at Volume 11. I mean, Kaede freaking proposed to her!!

He said he came to meet Hinana today, so he can explain the whole Mikuru issue to her. He’s gonna resolve everything on that day and wanted to assure her. But then Hinana’s speech took him by surprise, thus he fell in love all over again and proposed to her. He did say the marriage is still far ahead but who the heck can calm down after getting proposed to by the person they love, not to mention he just told her they live in two different worlds the last volume. Hinana still hasn’t processed what happened, since she was sure he’ll break up with her.

Mikuru Scandal:

Kaede came to their room and confronted Mikuru’s manager to fix things once and for all. He told the manager how he knows that they’re the ones who hired a detective to threaten Kaede about Hinana. He said he wants to give something in return for it, an eye for an eye HAHAHA.

We all agree that everyone has a secret they don’t want people to know of, right? Kaede thinks the same way, so he used that to his advantage. The reason why there were rumors about people spotting Kaede and Mikuru together is that he was trying to get her drunk and get dirt about her and her manager. He was successful because he found a picture of the manager in a baby roleplay with hostesses. Yikes, no wonder he wanted to keep it a secret LOLOL. Kaede told him he’ll send the picture to his wife if they don’t leave him and Hinana alone. Yay for the problem getting resolved!!

Hinana is still doing her best to practice the piano. When her instructor brought up the idea of her studying overseas in Germany “Oh no!” Just when we thought the conflicts are over now. I mean, Germany is definitely the place for music but I’m not ready to see our lovely couple in an LDR huhu. Her instructor knows an instructor at a school there, so she can definitely recommend Hinana.


Studying overseas has its pros and cons. For Hinana, it’ll be a big opportunity for her future and of course, she’s happy about it since she loves playing the piano. This also means that it’ll cost a lot of money for her to study and of course, she knows she can’t just leave right after Kaede proposed to her! Thus, the study overseas idea went straight to the bucket for her.

She went home and now her mom welcomed her with the German news. Uh-oh, guess it’s still not resolved. Her mom is happy about it and knows how great that is, so she definitely approves of her studying in Germany. But what about Kaede? He texted her to report about the detective issue getting resolved and invited her on a date the next Saturday.

Saturday came, and Kaede freaking gave Hinana a surprise! I swear I melted at this scene!! For the love of God, someone give me a Kaede!!! It was for her birthday since a lot of stuff happened on her exact birthday and they weren’t able to celebrate it. He also prepared some snacks and tea, like what princesses have during their tea parties.

They also talked about the whole Mikuru scandal about how it’s now resolved. But Hinana still felt bad that she wasn’t able to be of help to him. Kaede assured her that everything’s okay and that he can just overwrite those crazy scandals with something good he’d accomplish in the future. He’s “Ayase Kaede” FFS, he can definitely bury those scandals and make a better name for himself.

Germany or no Germany??

So, what about the LDR possibility?? While eating, Kaede told her how he really treasures the time he has with her, which was the queue for Hinana to bring up the Germany issue. She explained what’s happening, like how any healthy relationship should be. It’s all about communication, baby!! She told him that she’s interested in it, but she doesn’t want to get separated from Kaede. I mean, he proposed to her!! If Hinana goes to Germany it will sound like she’s saying no to him. But thank God that’s not how Kaede sees it.

Kaede explained to her that he proposed to her because of this kind of reason. He gave her his birthday gift, which was a pair of shoes. I’m sensing a Cinderella moment again here, like back in chapter 01. He said it’s not a glass slipper he wants her to wear right now, but a shoe that can bring her wherever she wants to go. Ugh, this melts my heart. He’s really giving her the freedom to live her life since she’s still young and has a lot of opportunities ahead of her. And with that, Kaede also encouraged her to study abroad. He also proposed to her again in order to blow away all her worries about their relationship. And of course, Hinana said yes!! Hooray for our lovely and mature couple!

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