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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 42 Summary

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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 42 Cover Page

The conflicts have been resolved, so of course the story is now ending. But we know things won’t end until our side characters also gets their own resolution, right? Chapter 42 is all about Shige-chan.

Takahashi Shigeo, 45 years old. He never once thought of becoming a lead actor. He’s a dark person despite living in a bright glittery world (Showbiz world). He lived his life mainly by always fixing troubles (since he’s a manager LOL). His new problem? Well, it’s about Kaede and Hinana’s plan of getting married. HAHAHA

What’s going on with Shige-chan?

Regardless of that crazy news, he still let them go since he had plans that day. He’s meeting up Shuu (Kaede’s ex). They met at a bar before and ended up becoming drinking buddies, and well… They’re kind of hooking up now LOL.

Shige was curious why this is happening between them on that night. I mean, their first time was when they were both drunk. But the same thing happened again and again, thus the birth of their current relationship. He thinks they can blame it on the alcohol if it happened once or twice, but that’s no longer the case for them. They didn’t even drink right now.

He doesn’t think that Shuu likes him. I mean, she’s Kaede’s ex and the most beautiful actress in Japan. She could have any hotties she wants, so Shige doesn’t understand why she’s settling for him. He also thinks he’s dumb when it comes to love, and probably why he’s been single for six years already HAHA. He also thinks she might just be pent up for not being able to meet someone, since her manager is strict. That Shige’s just someone convenient for her. Shige needs to work on his self-confidence, geez. That idea disappeared when Shuu asked him if they should do a picnic date next time. He still thought she was joking, though. Seriously, Shige-chan!!

Shige-chan’s relationship with Kaede:

Anyway, are you surprise to know that Shige-chan used to be a child actor?! It turns out that he was one till he was 17! Shocking!! He told the story to Shuu when she asked what made him work in their industry. They said he was cute and good at acting when he was a kid, but he still wasn’t able to make a name for himself after all of it.

He thinks he changed after meeting Kaede. Shige-chan’s proud of his work because Kaede’s there to fulfill his dream in his stead. He even joke that it’s because he’s talentless and dark compared to Kaede, which Shuu immediately followed it with “You still shine the most in someone else’s eyes!”. We would think it’s obvious that Shuu likes him, not until her phone rang and she said it was from her boyfriend (He heard her say “It’s from Kareshi-san”, which can literally mean “It’s from boyfriend”). Because of that, Shige-chan ended things between them on that day.

The night still bothered him, so he asked Kaede for advice. He asked him why a girl would still hook up with someone when they already have a man. Kaede told Shige-chan that from what Hinana told him before, every girl wants to see a prince at least once. But of course, it’s always the other way around. It’s the guys who wants to be recognize by the girls. After that, Kaede changed the topic and informed him about Shuu’s new makeup artists who’s a foreigner named “Kalesh” which is pronounced as “Kareshi” by Japanese LOLOL. Kaede even gave him a push for him to think about whether he should let go of her or not.

Shige-chan and Shuu

After that, Shige-chan rushed to Shuu’s place to talk to her. He asked her if she likes him, and Shuu admitted it. She told him she has liked him ever since the time he helped her from a stalker. Shuu thought it might be weird for her to confess immediately, which is why she made their current relationship this way (You know, FWB LOL).

Shige-chan told her that he was really confused since his feelings is still new to him, but of course, he won’t deny the fact that what Shuu said has made him really happy. He said he likes her the most among the other actresses, and he doesn’t hate the fact that she’s a little evil. He also told her how much he doesn’t want anyone else to see her innocent sleeping face. These two are adorable, Shuu even said she feels like she’s an FL from a series. And like the usual stories, the chapter ended with them kissing (as requested by Shuu HAHA).

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