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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 43 & 43.5 Summary

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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 43 Cover Page

Shige-chan had his own chapter, so you know what that means. We’re now on to An-chan’s!

It starts with An-chan describing his dream. A dream that someday, where Hinana is by his side, surrounded with flowers and they’re having a sweet time together. He knew that dream keeps slipping away from him, but he still couldn’t help but dream about it.

Is he finally moving on?

An-chan just turned down a girl who confessed to him. Because of that, the girl is convinced that the rumors about him is true. It turns out people are aware that he likes Hinana, but Hinana doesn’t see him the same way. They even say he’s pitiful because of it. Do you guys think he is?

Later that day, Hinana’s talking to Shuu about her and Shige-chan dating. She’s thinking of a gift to give to congratulate them when she remembered the flower An-chan gave him. She looked up what Petunias symbolizes and she read that it symbolizes the desire to spend time with someone because you find their company soothing and peaceful. Too bad Hinana took it as a childhood friend kind of way.

She then notice an article where the meaning of Petunias change depending on its color. The color he gave her was red, and that means “never giving up”. And with that, Hinana figured out what it meant and invited An-chan somewhere the next day so they could talk. It’s pretty weird how she asked him out after school even though they’re gonna meet in school, so An-chan pretty much figured out what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna get rejected HUHU

After school date

The two of them went to the zoo after school. An-chan said it’s been a while since they went to one together, so she wanted them to go there. An-chan knew he’s gonna get rejected, which is why he asked her to go to the zoo while on their uniform, just so he could at least experience going on an “after school date” with her. He wanted to at least fulfill the dream he had when he was a kid.

They started talking after roaming around the zoo. Hinana had two things she wanted to tell him. First was about her studying abroad to pursue music. She told him how she just needs to pass the exam and wait for graduation. That her parents supports her, and it was Kaede who gave her the big push to study to Germany.

The second part that she wanted to talk about was about the Petunia. She said she was probably aware that she’s kind of avoiding talking about this with him. That An-chan is just kind enough to let her get away with that. Still, she knows that she really needs to talk to him once and for all. And with that, she straight up asked him to give up on her. She apologized and told him that she likes Kaede. She also said that she acted vague about things because she was afraid that this might ruin their friendship.

An-chan’s love

An-chan told her he fell for her when they were in middle school, but he had a thought back when they were young. He said besides the fact that Hinana’s a girl, the whole piano incident gave him more reason to be strong and protect her. And with that, he assumed that Hinana will also notice her in the long run since he’s always by her side.

He was wrong, though. He realized that Hinana isn’t the type of person who needs protection, because she’s the type who can move forward on her own. And she’s also not the one who will be standing next to him at the flower shop. An-chan also assured her that their relationship won’t change, since he won’t ever let go of his special place inside her. With that, An-chan’s first love has come to an end. He remembered what the other girl told her about the rumors, but he knows that he’s not pitiful.

Moving on

A short flash back to their middle school days, from when he fell for her. He was complaining about how the his classmates were making fun of him because his family runs a flower shop. Seriously, is there something wrong about a guy selling flowers?? He even said he’s no longer gonna help in their shop since it’s lame and girly, which of course made Hinana mad. She told him how he looks super cool standing at the flower shop, and that he should have more confidence in himself. And that is how he came to love flowers.

Remembering those moments made An-chan feel emotional as he watches Hinana walk away. He cried after, while still thinking that her time with HInana are all a treasure for him.

Hinana was surprised to see Kaede when she was on her way home from the zoo. It turns out An-chan told Kaede to meet Hinana, since he knew rejecting a childhood friend is also a hard thing to do. And because of that, Hinana was again reminded of how proud she is of her cool and kind childhood friend.

A few days later, we see Suzu visiting An-chan’s flower shop by herself. She said she knows what An-chan feels about her sister and comforted him by telling him that she’ll make her happy and marry him when she grows up. We could take that as a little crush from our Suzu but it’s enough to heal An-chan’s heart for now haha.

Short Side Story

The side story is about Hinana telling Run-chan about her boyfriend. She doesn’t think Hinana has one and was also confused as to why she has to meet her “boyfriend” at a karaoke place. So, imagine her surprise when “Ayase Kaede” came inside the karaoke room to introduce himself. She’s completely shocked!! Hahaha.

Would you guys believe it if your friend tells you they’re dating a celebrity? I know I won’t. Same with Run-chan, she still won’t believe it and thought they’re in a prank show. She told them she’ll only believe it’s true if they kiss, which Kaede obliged LOLOL. He said there was cream on Hinana’s face so he licked then kissed her. GAHD KAEDE!!

Hinana thought Run-chan would be upset that she kept things a secret but that wasn’t the case. She was definitely happy because she thinks this is the chance for her to get closer to Mitsuki (Kaede’s friend in Funny Bone). She told the two that she likes Mitsuki more than Kaede because Mitsuki’s “mature, stoic, and amazing” (That doesn’t sound like Mitsuki to me LOL). And that is why Hinana told her to give up on Mitsuki when Run-chan asked the two to let her meet him in person. Kaede thinks Run-chan might actually be a good match for Mitsuki, though.

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