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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 44 Summary

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Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 44 Cover Page

Fast forward to 10 months, it’s almost Hinana’s graduation. She spent her days practicing piano and learning german in preparation for her studies abroad.

As for Kaede, he passed an audition for a movie in Hollywood. He’ll be away for 4-5 months for the shoot so they had a taste of what LDR would be like.

A few months passed again and there’s only 3 weeks left before Hinana flies to Germany. They still haven’t met yet because Kaede was still busy at work.

Run-chan told her that they should enjoy their moments together while they still can, but Hinana knows they can’t do anything if both of them are busy. Run-chan even suggested they should just meet at night since that’s the only time celebrities can enjoy their free time. Hinana seriously answered no because she’s still a minor since she’s still in high school. Still, Run-chan asked her if she’s never had a moment where she just wants to run to Kaede’s side, which made Hinana consider.

Kaede messaged her that night to confirm if Hinana’s free after her graduation on May 15. He said they’re gonna celebrate Funny Bone’s successful promotion in Hollywood.


Graduation came, Kaede went to get her wearing a rabbit mask. His work ended early so he thought he’d wait for her since he missed her a lot. They basically flirted in front of her school HAHA.

Mitsuki was proud that their album made millions even without Kaede being part of it. Typical Mitsuki LOL. They spent their time talking with the band and Shuu, even though Hinana was hoping they could spend some time alone together. She thought they’d still have some time together when she got a text from her piano teacher.

Kaede still had work after their band gathering while Hinana’s family set a celebratory dinner for her graduation. Kaede told her he’ll be free on the 20th and 21st since he begged Shige-chan to give him a break while keeping in mind that Hinana’s flying to Germany on the 25th.

Hinana then informed him that she just got a text from her piano teacher that her flight got moved to the 18th. She said the place she’s staying at wanted her to prepare her things since she was supposed to be in Germany way earlier but had to push it to March because of her graduation. Thus, this is already the last day they could meet.

Of course, Kaede got sad. He was really looking forward to eating and flirting with her the whole day but they couldn’t do those anymore. Still, he understood the situation and told her they’ll call each other every day.

Hinana’s Wishes

Hinana actually wanted to act more like a kid and throw tantrums since she still wants to be with Kaede, but she knows she shouldn’t since this is for her future career.

She couldn’t sleep that night and kept thinking about the fact that she can’t meet Kaede anymore. All her memories with Kaede started flashing in her mind while remembering that time Run-chan asked her if she’s never thought of running to Kaede’s side.

“This is a bit like a fairy tale, don’t you think?”

“You’re the one I want to date!”

“I’m glad you’re the one I’ve fallen to, Hinana.”

After thinking about it, she hurriedly got up and told her mom she’s meeting up with Run-chan until the morning. She wore the shoes Kaede gave her. She said she originally planned on wearing it when she gets to Germany but she realized that she wants to go to Kaede’s place as her first destination while wearing the shoes.

Kaede’s surprised when Hinana visited him in the middle of the night. She said she wants to spend the night together with him, and that she told her mom she’s staying overnight at Run-chan’s place.

Kaede knew that was a bad thing so he tried to convince her to go back home but Hinana insisted on staying. He said she can’t stay because he doesn’t know what he might do if they spent the night together but Hinana teased him and said she wore cute underwear specifically for that night.

Of course, Kaede took the bait, told her he’s not letting her go home, then kissed her. Are you guys excited for the final chapter?

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