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Hana to Yume Issue No. 24 2021

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Cover of Hana to Yume Issue No. 24 / 2021

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi” by Sora is on the cover of Hana to Yume issue No. 24 2021 to promote its collaboration with WEGO apparel.

You can order the clothes Mikoto and Haiba-sensei are wearing on the WEGO website.

No new series announcement

Volume Release Announcement

Volume 12 and the 3rd photobook edition of Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi by Sora are now on sale.

There is also an ongoing collaboration between the Tsuiraku series and WEGO apparel. Three of the tops and jackets they’re wearing above are for sale on the WEGO website.

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Alice no Shugosha Chapter 10

Furare Girl Chapter 61

Kao Dake ja Suki ni Narimasen Special Chapter

Meitantei Kouko wa Yuutsu Chapter 21

Koi ni Mudaguchi Chapter 34

Namaikizakari Chapter 135

Nurarihyon no Hanayome Chapter 25

Oni no Hanayome wa Taberaretai Chapter 25

Petenshi wa Namida o Kobosanai Chapter 02

Shitsuji Kuroboshi wa Kashizukanai Chapter 46

Skip Beat Chapter 300

Tamon-kun, Ima Docchi! Chapter 03

Tokubetsu na Yoru Tsukuri kata Oneshot

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Chapter 75

You can get a copy of Hana to Yume No. 24 2021 on Amazon and Bookwalker from the link below.

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