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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 04 (Chapters 19 to 21) Summary

Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 04 Cover

Chapter 19

The chapter started with Ageha arriving at school where she was surprised by her classmates welcoming her. She thought everyone would be scared so she was so happy to see that that wasn’t the case until she heard the train station announcement which woke her back to reality. Her fear finally happened the moment she reached her school. Everyone was talking about her, and even her teachers and friends are afraid of her. Overwhelmed by their actions, she hid in the restroom where she reminisced how things were back in her old school where everyone knew her identity but Yamato was there who even tease her. She was about to go back to her classroom when she overheard some girls talking about her and how they were scared for their lives because they don’t wanna get entangled in something dangerous like what happened in the last chapter. The girls were even talking to her friend, Yuuko, and she overheard her agreeing to the fact that they shouldn’t be involved with her.

Ageha went to the cat cafe where Kira works to comfort herself around cats. Kira offered her a drink which she joked around doubting if there were sleeping powder mixed in at first but drank it anyway which made her a little better. She was confused why Kira wasn’t asking her questions like how she left the apartment he locked her into but Kira finished her sentence by mentioning the thing about her identity being found out at school. Kira apologized for not being able to protect her secret despite his promise of helping her hide her identity. He hugged her but Ageha only acted normal by pushing him away until she broke out crying in his arms.

After calming down, she apologized for crying but told him she felt a little better thanks to it. Kira assured her that she can rely on him more and even teased her by saying she can even use his body to soothe her which brought Ageha back to her usual self. Kira offered to escort her home but she said she still had plans and without explaining anything to him, she headed to the hospital to visit Yamato. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed to visit and Yamato couldn’t meet her after the embarrassment he has showed her. The chapter ended with the Yakuzas of their group asking Yamato how he will try to compensate for the incident.

Chapter 20

Yamato apologized for the incident he caused Ageha and said he’d take responsibility but his fellow Yakuzas were only offended by it since there’s nothing a kid like him can do. Yamato said he’ll leave the group as his way of atoning but seems like that wasn’t enough because they handed him a knife insinuating that he should kill himself as his way of apologizing. On the other hand, Ageha didn’t leave the hospital and hoped that she could at least take a peek at Yamato if she can’t visit him but saw that one of their members is guarding Yamato’s room so she sensed something. She saw Yamato holding the knife and questioned him, then Yamato explained that it was his way of atoning for his stupid actions of causing trouble to the group. Ageha saw Yamato’s hand trembling so she took the knife.

Ageha acted like she was gonna slash him but only stabbed it on the wood block in between Yamato’s fingers. She grabbed him by the collar, slapped her a lot of times, then told him that if he really feels bad for his actions then the best way of atoning would be to carry his sin for the rest of his life.

Ageha left the room but was grabbed in the other room by none other than Kira. Kira was honest enough to tell her that he followed her all the way to the hospital and as Ageha was about to complain, Kira cut her off by asking why she let Yamato off the hook. He was confused by her decision considering Yamato was supposed to act like her bodyguard but he lead her to danger not to mention was the reason her school life is ruined now. He told Ageha her naivety makes him sick then pushed her onto the bed. The sight of Ageha tied to the bed made Kira smile and even said she looks better when tied up. He kissed her and moved more forcefully compared to when they were at the cafe earlier. He undid his bra and kissed her on the thigh so Ageha thought they were gonna go all the way when Kira stopped and said, “Did you think we’re gonna have sex?”. He said he was only teasing her so she shouldn’t expect anything considering he’s busy so she should just pleasure herself if wants. Ageha got pissed off while Kira on the way out of the hospital noticed his hand bleeding from his hands tightly clenched in anger.

Chapter 21

The chapter started with the setting in Kyoto. Two people were talking about how the granddaughter of the leader (We all know this is Ageha) will be in Kyoto which the other person corrected as “will be in Kyoto for a school trip”. The older one then said it’s good that the Ageha is close to the other person’s age which is then introduced as “Yuzuru” so they need to make sure to get her and Yuzuru replied, “I’ll think about it”.

Ageha’s class now arrived in Kyoto but she’s still isolated although her friend does look worried despite avoiding her. On the other hand, Kira is popular and also ignores Ageha so she got annoyed since she’s the one who should be ignoring him given how he acted at the hospital, no to mention she felt it was unfair considering Kira’s a cold-blooded Yakuza leader and yet their classmates are approaching him.

Their next destination was to watch a traditional dance. Ageha was texting Yamato about souvenirs and Yamato was apologizing that he couldn’t be with her during events like this (school trip) while Kira is watching Ageha behind her. The show started and Ageha was mesmerized by one of the geisha dancers. Her class left the venue after the show and Ageha was almost hit by a falling picture frame but Kira quickly saved her. Ageha didn’t think anything of the accident since she got distracted by Kira’s actions since he immediately ignored her after. Kira on the other hand thought it was weird for a frame to fall from its place.

The next schedule was free time so Ageha was roaming around with her group when her classmate elbowed her off the bridge while they were supposed to take pics together. The girl was mad and blamed Ageha for her boyfriend’s injury when he got targeted by the hoodlums who were looking for Ageha at their school. Ageha felt bad and didn’t fight back or anything and let the girls leave her. A few moments after, a geisha approached and offered her a handkerchief. They both recognized each other from the dancing venue and the geisha introduced herself as “Hinagiku”.

Ageha was all drenched from the river so Hinagiku invited her to a kimono shop and lent her an outfit. They hit it off and found out that they’re the same age. Ageha was distracted by the people looking at them and complimented Hinagiku’s beauty as the reason why people’s eyes were all over their direction but Hinagiku told her that it was Ageha who the people were looking at. Hinagiku even said Ageha is really pretty so she shouldn’t look sad (because of how her classmates were treating her) and just smile.

They parted ways and Hinagiku was welcomed home by staff. While changing, the staff asked what she thinks of “the granddaughter of the leader” to which Hinagiku answered “She has good looks but is weak-minded” as the panel shows that Hinagiku is actually the man “Yuzuru” from the first page of this chapter. He was confused why people are desperate to have Ageha and even thinks making a woman choose a leader is stupid. The chapter and volume ended with Yuzuru claiming that such “tradition” should be ended.

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