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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 05 (Chapters 22 to 27) Summary

Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 05 Cover

Chapter 22

Kira was talking to his crooks on the phone as he had Ageha monitored. They told him Ageha was helped by a dancer after falling into the river. They did their research on the dancer and thought it was weird that they couldn’t find anything about her despite being a high-profile dancer in Kyoto.

The dancer, Hinagiku, on the other hand, is shown in the arms of a man while trying to collect details. Looks like Yuzuru has been using his identity as “Hinagiku” for connections and getting intel. It shows on the next page that he hates putting up with their “advances” and that he would’ve killed people like them if he didn’t need anything from them. He also ordered his subordinate to dispose of Ageha.

The next scene is Ageha buying souvenirs for her grandpa and Yamato when Kira showed up to help her. She pushed him away since she was still upset with him ignoring her. Kira asked for them to make up and invited her to a “Pillow fight” with their classmates. She thought she shouldn’t go to the event since it’ll only make things awkward with their class but Kira told her he didn’t want her to be alone because he was worried about her.

Ageha was still in a trance from Kira’s words and kept convincing herself that he was only acting kind because he wants to be the next leader of the Tsukishiro group. She was arguing with herself when her room opened and she heard her classmates rushing to the other room to avoid running into Ageha. They sounded like they didn’t want her there which made Ageha sad.

Ageha went to the bathhouse instead and convinced herself it was her opportunity to have the big bath all to herself but she still couldn’t ignore the fact that she was really hurt. Some people then put a “cleaning” sign on the bath and it appears that they were hired to kill Ageha.

The next page showed Kira confused that Ageha didn’t go to the pillow fight where their classmates told him they waited for Ageha to get back but she was taking her time so the girls had to leave her. That’s when he overheard some girls talking about how the bath was suddenly closed for cleaning which made Kira think of the worst. He rushed out of the room to go to the bathhouse when a girl stopped him. She told Kira to leave Ageha alone since she’s a yakuza but he snapped since he was in a hurry and said “Shut up. Let go or I’ll kill you.” He then headed to the bathhouse leaving the girl scared.

As for Ageha, she tried to fight back her killers but she’s having a hard time since she had to hold a towel to hide her nakedness. Luckily, Kira came at the right time and kicked the man before he could stab Ageha. Another one tried to strike behind Ageha but Kira quickly shielded her so he got slashed in the arm. They then fell into the water while the two men ran away.

They got up from the water when Ageha noticed Kira’s wound on his arm but Kira was already distracted from Ageha being naked. He made an excuse that he needs to check if she had any wounds or injuries but Ageha assured him she was okay. Still, she gave in to Kira, and then they made out where she realized that she hates Kira so much to the point that she has fallen for him.

Chapter 23

Ageha’s friend, Yuuko, was alone by the door while her classmates are having fun pillow fighting when she saw the two men who were targeting Ageha running away. She overheard them complaining how they didn’t know someone would be there to rescue Ageha and how they shouldn’t have agreed to a job offered by a yakuza which got Yuuko worried for Ageha.

On the other hand, our couple was still making out in the bathhouse when Yuuko rushed in to make sure Ageha was okay but was shocked at the view. Ageha ran after Yuuko and apologized for hiding her identity and causing trouble. She said she was aware they can’t go back to being friends but she thanks Yuuko for still being worried about her then Yuuko hugged her and apologized to her too. She explained that she was shocked by the truth but she knew she was a bad friend for avoiding Ageha even when Ageha went out of her way to reveal her identity just to save everyone. After that, she assured Ageha that they were still friends and she doesn’t care about her family’s background.

As for the two men that tried to kill Ageha, they were abducted by Yuzuru for not getting the job done. They explained that some person, who looked like a cute girl in a jersey with a snake tattoo on the arm meddled. Yuzuru thanked them for the intel but still ordered his people to kill them. Before he left, he remembered the time he spent with Ageha and wondered if this had something to do with the snake bracelet Ageha was wearing.

The next day, Yuuko and Ageha caught up with their stories about how Kira is also part of the Yakuza and made Ageha admit her feelings towards Kira. Ageha was honest about her feelings and also explained that she thinks Kira is only after the leader position but Yuuko told her she’s not sure about that. They then went to a tourist spot in Kyoto related to love charms where you walk towards the rock while your eyes are closed and you’ll have good luck with your love if you successfully reach the goal.

She couldn’t start the challenge because the girl who elbowed her on the bridge and her boyfriend showed up and kept verbally harassing Ageha when Kira saw them. Yuuko tried to fight back but Ageha stopped her and told the girl and her boyfriend that she was okay with the two talking shit about her if it’ll make them feel better. That only pissed the couple more so they spouted about how Ageha shouldn’t act like some nice girl and she shouldn’t even be trying out some love-luck challenge since she’ll just end up marrying some old man in the yakuza. Kira then stepped in and kissed her in front of everyone and said, “Sorry for being an old man” as if declaring that he’ll be the one who’ll get married to her. The couple left. Ageha was still forced to do the challenge while Yuuko was talking to Kira about how she knows he was part of the yakuza and she was entrusting Ageha to him.

Kira was still watching Ageha walk towards the rock when a kid bumped into Ageha so she didn’t know where to go and even almost tripped when Kira caught her right at the goal. Kira smiled at her and teased her for being too happy about successfully doing the challenge but Ageha thought Kira also looks happy about it.

Kira kept teasing Ageha so she ended up getting pissed and leaving the area. Kira then suddenly said “I think you’ve seen enough” out of nowhere then Yuzuru showed up behind him and apologized while acknowledging that he knew Kira was the head of the Hebijima group.

Chapter 24

Yuzuru and Kira went somewhere isolated to talk. There, Yuzuru introduced himself as the head of the Kuga group which is the biggest yakuza in Kansai. Kira then asked if he was also “Hinagiku” and Yuzuru was amused Kira knew that much about him. Yuzuru then said he heard the Hebijima group is full of barbaric people especially its leader so he was surprised to see Kira desperately flirting with Ageha. He said it was ridiculous especially since Ageha is pathetic for letting her classmates bully her. He even asked Kira why a person has to marry someone like Ageha just to become the top Yakuza. He said traditions like that should be crushed and was gonna step on a butterfly when Kira pushed him onto the tree and pointed a knife at his neck.

Kira told Yuzuru to shut up because it makes him wanna kill Yuzuru. Yuzuru was caught off-guard and asked Kira if he was kidding but he just said, “Do I look like I’m joking?”. Because of that, Yuzuru asked Kira if he has actually fallen for Ageha which caught Kira off-guard, and then said, “What’s wrong with that?”. Kira warned Yuzuru to back away from Ageha or he’ll kill him on the spot and pressed the dagger more on Yuzuru’s neck which caused a lot of yakuza to show up around them pointing their guns. They were Yuzuru’s subordinates since he still had to be careful and told Kira he’ll back off for now so give Ageha his regards.

Yuzuru left while Kira thought about what he told Yuzuru after being asked if he has truly fallen for Ageha which left him confused about himself but then smiled after getting a text from Ageha. Ageha told Kira she wanted to treat his wound after they met up. While treating his wound, he asked if she went all the way to the pharmacy just to treat his wounds which Ageha just brushed off with a “what about it?” and made Kira blush. He kissed Ageha in public after they were done treating his wound and begged Ageha to say his name again which Ageha did while all red as they kiss again.

It was dark now and they were on their way to the hotel. Kira offered his hand since it was already dark when Ageha noticed Kira was sweating a lot then he passed out while coughing blood.

Chapter 25

Kira was rushed to the hospital leaving Ageha clueless. The knife fell from the bed while the staff was rushing Kira to the emergency room then Ageha picked it up and saw blood from the blade. Their teacher finally arrived at the hospital and told Ageha to go back to the hotel so she walked on the way to their hotel while raining. She remembered asking Kira why he wasn’t with his group when they met up before treating his wound. Kira didn’t answer her back then so she thinks something happened during that time and maybe he even helped her with something.

Hinagiku showed up and sheltered Ageha from the rain and acted like they just met by coincidence. Ageha broke down crying so Hinagiku offered to go to his place so she could dry herself and they can talk there when Ageha noticed the wound on Hinagiku’s neck. She asked what happened to his neck and Hinagiku just said his nail scratched it while he was changing. Ageha confronted him that it looked like a “cut” and then showed the knife while asking him what he did to Kira.

Chapter 26

Hinagiku acted dumb and insisted that his wound was a scratch from a nail but Ageha was really convinced something was wrong since she trusts her instinct. Hinagiku tried to calm her down saying their friends then tried to stab a poisonous needle at her. She pushed him off which made his wig come off showing his true appearance and also his subordinates around them. Yuzuru warned her to be obedient if she doesn’t want to get hurt but she fought back as she thought about Kira at the hospital. She threw the man behind her and asked Yuzuru again what he did to Kira or she’ll drag them all to hell.

She finished her fight and was still looking for Yuzuru when she got a text from him telling her to meet him at a certain place. She went straight to the rooftop of Kyoto station and Yuzuru was there in his real form. He told her he never planned on revealing himself to her but he also didn’t expect he’ll get busted over a wound on his neck. He gave Ageha some credit for having a great instinct and strength to beat his subordinates. Yuzuru then cut to the chase and showed her a bottle of antidote for Kira’s poison. Ageha rushed to get it but Yuzuru stopped her and then placed the bottle on the edge of the building. She assumed Yuzuru would want her to marry him to become the strongest yakuza like the others so she was planning on agreeing as a bluff but Yuzuru told her to jump off the building.

He said it’s ridiculous how the women of the Tsukishiro family pick the new leader since a life where it’s the women who make the decision is a life full of misery. He said the Tsukishiro bloodline and tradition will end once Ageha dies and she needs to really think about her decision considering there aren’t any hospitals that could make an antidote for the poison Kira has in his body.

Ageha is now standing on the edge of the building when Yuzuru assured her he will take care of Kira and that she can watch Yuzuru from the afterlife as he reaches the top. Ageha smirked and said he’ll never reach the top since he can’t even kill her himself considering her death will seem like suicide so Yuzuru wouldn’t look involved. She said he is scared of her family so a coward like him wouldn’t even reach as much as Kira’s feet. That triggered Yuzuru and forgot about the bottle for a split second so Ageha rushed to grab it. Yuzuru also got a hold of her and while choking her, he said “Fine. Let me kill you myself”.

As Ageha was slowly losing air, Kira came to the rescue, pushed Yuzuru off Ageha and then the boys fell off the building.

Chapter 27

The boys didn’t completely fall off the building as Ageha was able to get a hold of Kira and Yuzuru was grabbing for his life on Kira’s hand. Yuzuru was confused that the situation has turned upside down considering he was close to killing Ageha. He told Kira to pull him up since he’s gonna fall but Kira just said “I can’t. I don’t have any strength left thanks to your poison.” Kira then reminded Yuzuru that he warned him to leave Ageha alone so he should know what was about to happen to him now which scared Yuzuru. Kira told Ageha to let him go since he was beyond saving from the poison so he should at least bring Yuzuru with him to his death.

Yuzuru panicked and reminded Ageha about the antidote and begged Kira for forgiveness. Ageha pulled the boys up and snapped at Kira for choosing death. She was trying to make Kira drink the antidote when Yuzuru stabbed the poisoned needle at her. Yuzuru laughed at the two as he made fun of their misery of either dying from the poison together or fighting for the one antidote. Kira punched him while Ageha is still shocked by what was happening.

Kira gave Ageha the antidote and said the poison has already spread all over his body so he won’t make it in time but Ageha can still be saved. He explained how being a yakuza makes you ready to die anytime and how he’ll gladly die for Ageha’s sake. Ageha accepted the antidote but made Kira drink it thru a kiss. Kira asked why she did that and Ageha said she’ll also gladly die for his sake. And with that, she finally declared that she has chosen Kira as the man she’ll marry.

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