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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 06 (Chapters 28 to 33) Summary

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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 06 Cover

Chapter 28

Kira was shocked by Ageha’s declaration. He was more concerned about the fact that Ageha made him drink the antidote so he kissed her deeper in the hopes that there were still leftovers of the antidote in his mouth, but told him that she ensured that Kira drank all of it.

Kira felt devastated by it which made Ageha sad. She told Kira that he should look happy considering she just chose him as the new successor. She then asked him to tell her grandpa to live long but Kira refused because he wanted Ageha to tell her grandpa directly. Ageha acted sulky but cough drastically from the poison so she asked Kira to at least hug her one last time.

Ageha hugged him tightly while feeling fulfilled that she was finally honest with her feelings until her grip slowly loosened the moment the helicopter came to their rescue.

Yuzuru told Kira that the poison Ageha got was a lot of times stronger than what Kira had so he told him that Ageha was probably dead now. He kept provoking Kira by saying at least he survive and should live long in honor of Ageha’s sacrifice. Yuzuru celebrated the upcoming end of the Tsukishiro group while being surrounded by Kira’s people.

One subordinate offered to carry Ageha but Kira was already fuming mad so he warned the person not to touch Ageha. They were gonna rush Ageha to the hospital but Kira said they won’t have enough time so he asked to fly them somewhere else.

Chapter 29

The chapter started showing Kira carrying Ageha somewhere.

Ageha thought she was gonna die but she woke up from a hospital bed. She saw Kira napping on the chair next to her but woke up when she got up.

She was still processing what happened thinking that maybe she was in heaven assuming she died from poison but Kira reached out for a pinch.

He told her she survived because she didn’t get a lethal dose of the poison. He was gonna leave to get her some water when she pulled him back and saw Kira with a mix of sadness and relief on his face.

He pushed her onto the bed and then made her face the other way for a back hug. He kissed her nape, felt her chest, made her lay on her back, then buried his face in her chest.

Ageha tried to stop him but Kira said no as he said he wants to keep hearing her heartbeat as a sign that she was alive.

Ageha cried from happiness, then pulled Kira closer to her as she tells him that she was happy that Kira gets to touch her again. She made him confirm that she was alive even more as they made out but got interrupted when Yuuko and the nurse came to check on her condition.

Their Kyoto trip has ended. Ageha was on the phone with her grandpa telling him that she has something to discuss with him once she gets home. She stopped wearing her glasses and is finally ready to live her life with Kira while showing her true self to people.

Chapter 30

It’s finally the day to introduce Kira as Ageha’s chosen husband. Kira came to Ageha’s place early so they spent some time in her room. There, Kira mistook a portrait of a woman as Ageha with short hair but it turns out it was Ageha’s mom. Kira thought her mom looked exactly like her and also complimented her mom as someone who looks kind. Ageha explained that her mom died when she was born so she doesn’t really know what kind of person her mom was but she agreed that her mom does seem kind.

Kira joked about how their future kids will be born cute which caught Ageha off-guard. Kira explained that he was joking around because he was actually nervous to meet her grandpa and asked for a kiss to calm himself down when Ageha’s grandpa barged into her room.

Grandpa joked about how Ageha actually brought a “bride” since Kira looked beautiful.

Kira officially introduced himself as the young head of the Hebijima group. Ageha’s grandpa seemed to have heard things about the Hebijima so he accused Kira of getting his granddaughter wrapped around Kira’s finger and then grabbed a sword.

Ageha tried to stop her grandfather but their staff restrained her so she was forced to watch her grandpa slash Kira.

Kira, on the other hand, didn’t flinch and was calm which made Ageha’s grandpa acknowledge Kira as a husband for her.

Her grandpa left the room to prepare for the engagement. Kira finally took Ageha’s bracelet off since he doesn’t need to desperately leave his mark on her considering they were officially engaged now. Ageha felt kinda sad about the bracelet but Kira immediately replaced it with a ring and kissed her hand. He said he was happy that she chose him, told her he loves her (as in the Aishiteru line!), and asked her to marry him.

The last few pages were at a beauty salon. The news about the Tsukishiro group officially announcing that they now have found a match for Tsuikishiro Ageha was on tv.

The lady flinched from what she heard so the staff accidentally yanked her finger. The staff kept apologizing but she grabbed something on her side and hit the staff.

She removed the towel on her hair which showed her black long hair then said, “the time has finally come”.

Chapter 31

The Tsukishima group held a party to officially introduce Kira as the upcoming head of the Tsukushima group.

The two were joking around about how Ageha should’ve worn something sexier at the party (even though he actually thinks she’s already cute the way she is) when a man approached them and introduced himself as the son of someone they’re affiliated with in China which turned out to be the ugly bastard from the auction. He then started bringing up how Kira, the next head of the group, looks like a girl and how Ageha didn’t have discerning eyes since she went for the looks.

Kira calmly tried to handle the situation when the guy challenged him to a Russian roulette game so Kira can prove that he has guts. The guests around them got excited about the challenge, and Ageha tried to stop it but Kira explained that being part of the yakuza meant you need to show off so Ageha shouldn’t embarrass him by trying to stop the fight.

Ageha who was left worried, overheard some guests talking about how the game is definitely rigged considering the instigator looked so confident that he’d win. At the same time, they were also aware that Kira couldn’t have turned down the challenge since it will ruin his reputation.

As the game progressed, Kira added a few more conditions where the guy needs to leave the group and leave Japan if Kira wins. The guy was confused considering their life was already at stake but Kira assured him that he will win and he wants the guy to regret belittling his bride.

The guy was still confident that Kira would die in the game so he accepted Kira’s condition. Two slots left, it’s now Kira’s last round but Ageha stopped him from trying to pull the trigger. She told Kira that she wants to be together with him so she’d rather he hated her than let him die so Kira kissed her to calm her down.

Kira assured her to believe in him since he was the man she chose and then pulled the trigger. The guy couldn’t believe Kira didn’t die so he accused him of not putting a bullet in the gun, so Kira shot the last slot towards the guy which showed that the bullet was actually on the last slot.

Kira smiled and joked that the guy would’ve died on that last round if he didn’t pull the trigger to prove that there was a bullet inside the gun. The guy continued to cause a ruckus by saying he would’ve been the next head if it wasn’t for Kira while Ageha lost her energy from relief that Kira survived the game.

The event ended and the Tsukishimas headed home where Ageha’s grandpa assured Ageha that she really chose a good man and that her role ends there. Ageha was confused about the last thing her grandpa said then they were interrupted by someone.

There stood someone who was a spitting image of Ageha who even the grandpa addressed as “Ageha”. Ageha was confused about what was happening when the other girl introduced herself to her as the real Tsukishiro Ageha.

She gave Ageha a job well done followed by calling her a “proxy”.

Chapter 32

Amidst Ageha’s confusion, grandpa explained that the other girl in front of her is actually her twin sister. Ageha asked why her grandpa kept it a secret and tried to approach “Evil Ageha” but she splashed water on her. “Evil Ageha” said Ageha was dirty and told her not to touch her.

“Evil Ageha” explained that their mom birthed two twin girls but the family only needs 1 so one of them became the girl who had to face the dangers of choosing an heir (which was Ageha) while the other one will be kept safe who will be the one to be truly married to the next heir (which turned out to be Evil Ageha).

She even said Ageha’s only purpose was to ensure that Evil Ageha gets married safely.

They took her ring, then Evil Ageha wore it. She even said she’ll be the one to marry Kira and not Ageha. Ageha asked her grandpa for an explanation but he just ordered their people to take Ageha away. She tried to fight back but grandpa made her pass out and just apologize and said it just can’t be her.

Luckily, Yamato was at the party helping with the cleanup and as he was taking out the trash, he overheard some people and then saw Ageha secretly getting taken.

After all that has happened, Ageha had a dream where Kira was trying to wake her up and ensure her safety since she’s the granddaughter of the head of the Tsukishiro group. Evil Ageha then showed up explaining that Ageha isn’t worth anything anymore since Kira is marrying Evil Ageha as the “real” Ageha.

Ageha woke up from her nightmare and found herself on the bed in a big expensive-looking room. There were maids at her beck and call, extravagant foods where she can even request whatever she wants from the chef, and even someone who’ll help her with her bath.

She was getting swayed by the pampered life but snapped out of it and asked the maids where she is and what exactly is happening. The maids explained that she was at the Tsukishiro group’s 2nd residence. They said the other Ageha used to live here but Ageha will now be living there from now on and she can ask whatever she wants in exchange for not leaving the house forever.

Confused, she said she has school but the maid reassured her that the other Ageha will now take her place moving forward so she doesn’t need to worry about anything. she tried to run away but a huge wall welcomed her the moment she left the main door while the maids asked her to go back to the house.

Thankfully, Yamato seems to have been able to follow the car that took Ageha away so he went and explored the place.

Chapter 33

Now that Evil Ageha is the one going to school, she’s using her appeal to get all the boys in her control. She also tried to seduce Kira by bringing up how he said he wanted to see Ageha looking sexy which made Kira flustered.

Kira’s reaction got Evil Ageha to think he’s sissy and lame since he doesn’t even have a hint of being a yakuza. In the end, she blamed it on her “proxy” (like she thinks the man wouldn’t be any good since he was chosen by Ageha.)

Kira sent a dress for her and invited her to a dinner date at a hotel. Evil Ageha asked if the dress and sudden invitation to dinner was Kira’s way to make up for how he acted at school but Kira reminded her that the hotel they were at was where he told her rude stuff before (when he told Ageha that her only worth was that she’s the granddaughter of the head of the Tsukishima group.)

He said he wanted to invite her to the hotel so he could overwrite that memory with something good. Irritated from the moment, Evil Ageha asked for them to go somewhere fun so Kira brought her to a club.

He told her to wait for him while he gets them a gift but he was taking his time until some guys approached her. They were hitting on her and said there was a VIP area where special people have fun at a special place so she went with them while Kira was actually watching what was happening.

Evil Ageha was led to some area in the building which turned out to be just someplace where a guy was waiting for a prostitute who was supposed to be wearing the same dress as her. Before anything was about to happen, Kira appeared after beating down the guards outside.

It appears that he’s been looking for that man who has been injuring prostitutes in Hebijima’s territory. He used Evil Ageha as bait to lure the guy out since he doesn’t seem to know what Kira and Ageha looked like.

Kira checked on Evil Ageha but she was still shocked after hearing that she was used as bait so she lashed out and said “To think you’d use “someone like me” as bait!!” which blew her cover.

Looks like Kira has known she wasn’t the real Ageha and was only going along with her act so he directly asked Evil Ageha who she is.

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