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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 07 (Chapters 34 to 38) Summary

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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 07 Cover

Chapter 34

Evil Ageha was shocked that Kira was crazy to use her, the granddaughter of the head of the Tsukishiro group, as bait.

She tried to downplay Kira’s question about her identity but Kira told her that the Ageha he knew would’ve acted differently in that situation (regarding the guy who was about to force himself on her.)

Kira interrogated Evil Ageha more about why she was pretending to be Ageha and where is the “Ageha” he knows.

Evil Ageha’s impression of Kira changed since he wasn’t stupid to fall for her act. She explained everything, about them being twins and that she was the real Ageha that he needs to marry.

Grandpa called Kira and beat him up since he put Evil Ageha at risk when he used her as bait. Grandpa also expected Kira to figure everything out about the whole switcheroo but he thought Kira would understand why the Tsukishiro group had to do it so he couldn’t forgive Kira for putting Evil Ageha in danger.

Kira kept his cool and was forgiven for his actions with the condition that it’ll never happen again and that he will marry Evil Ageha as the next head of the Tsukishiro group which he was forced to agree on.

He walked the streets while looking at the ring he gave to the real Ageha. He bumped into someone but the guy couldn’t dare pick up a fight after seeing his bloodthirsty eyes.

Ageha, on the other hand, has been acting obediently at the 2nd residence while trying to find an exit when she bumps into Yamato who was disguised as a maid.

He explained that he saw the moment Ageha was taken away so he got into the mansion after following them. Ageha also explained the whole switcheroo to Yamato and as they were planning to escape, Ageha found a diary and DNA documents showing that she and Evil Ageha may be twins but they have different fathers. The real heir was indeed Evil Ageha so Ageha can’t make Kira the head of the Tsukishiro group even if he insists on marrying her.

Chapter 35

The diary with the DNA documents showed that Ageha doesn’t share blood with her mom’s husband. It was written in Evil Ageha’s diary that their grandpa explained everything to her about how their mom was raped in the hopes of being the next head and it happened just after conceiving with her husband thus the twins were born.

Ageha has been wondering why she had to be treated as a “fake” but the diary answered all her questions. It was written there that her dad wasn’t someone her mom loved so her mom grew resentment towards Ageha’s existence. She also felt bad that Evil Ageha was locked down for 16 years because of their situation.

Yamato gave her a good pep-talk regarding the fact that she was forced to accept the way of the yakuza and had to go through all the trouble of being the granddaughter of the head of the Tsukishiro group so it doesn’t make sense that she had to be locked in the end. He reminded Ageha that what happened to her mother isn’t for her to take responsibility for.

He asked her again if she was really okay with the situation. That she won’t be able to go to school or see her friends anymore. That she’ll be locked in the mansion forever without ever seeing Kira anymore. Ageha said no and insisted that she really wants to see Kira again.

Yamato then told her that the exit to the mansion was through a secret door at the storage in the kitchen. He helped distract the maids so Ageha could successfully escape.

Kira, on the other hand, is forced to go along with Evil Ageha’s demands. He doesn’t seem to be into it so he was just letting her choose whatever ring she wanted since the other ring was lost (or so she thought.) Kira acted lovingly in front of the staff but was actually whispering threats to Evil Ageha about how he’ll have her killed once he finds the Ageha and get her to take Evil Ageha’s place.

Evil Ageha didn’t take it seriously and even told Kira that he’ll have a hard time disposing of her considering she’s guarded 24/7 so Kira tried to downplay his threats as a joke.

They went to a clothing store next where Evil Ageha was busy being a Karen because one of the dresses she wants doesn’t have her size while Kira was at a corner on a call pushing his subordinates to try harder to find Ageha.

At the same time, Ageha was actually in the shopping area since she called one of Kira’s people to ask for his whereabouts using Yamato’s phone. She was taking a break in front of one shop when a staff mistook her for Evil Ageha informing her that they finally have a dress in her size so she was forced to get inside the shop.

She was trying to take the dress off when Kira barged into the dressing room to check on her. He tried to help her while telling her that the dress she picked was pretty gaudy and that she and her “fake” twin have different tastes.

Ageha fell quiet from what Kira said, so Kira kept provoking her (he thought she was Evil Ageha) that he already bought her a very expensive ring compared to the one he gave to the “fake one” so what else does she want more so he could ensure his position as the head.

Kira’s words stung Ageha since she realized that Kira actually knows everything and that she was just in the way since he chose Evil Ageha over her.

She then faced Kira and assured him that he will be the head which got Kira mad (since he realized he was actually talking to Ageha) and punched the mirror behind her out of anger.

He told her not to tell him what he can’t do. He said she was shameless for showing her face to him since he already realized the whole switcheroo right from the start and that he felt humiliated that the Tsukishiro group has him on the neck thanks to Ageha being a double.

He said he only loved and protected her because he needed to become the head. He even told her that he doesn’t love her anymore since she already lost her worth while strangling her but Ageha just accepted everything.

He told her that he’s gonna marry the “real” Ageha and take the position as the next head and Ageha still just agreed to it which pissed Kira even more.

He kissed her roughly and looked so hurt as he said, “so why do I feel like I’m dying when I think about how I can’t be married to you?”

Chapter 36

Kira continued to kiss Ageha so much that she thought she was gonna die from running out of air. She took his action as him trying to kill her by tricking him into marrying her sister but she feels confused seeing how kind Kira’s eyes are while looking at her.

Evil Ageha got into the dressing room next to them and Kira moved even more roughly like he was trying to get them caught so Ageha stopped him with all her might. She asked him what he actually wants since his words and actions contradict each other. She asked him to go back to Evil Ageha so Kira returned the question to her as to why she showed up in front of him.

She answered his question in her mind that she showed up because she wanted to see him one last time before going back to the 2nd mansion. That she was actually hoping that he’d still accept her. She couldn’t voice out her real feelings since he didn’t want to make him suffer with her half-hearted resolve.

She was about to leave the dressing room when Evil Ageha opened the door and saw her. Evil Ageha asked if she escaped the mansion to ask Kira for help considering she doesn’t even have the right to do that which made her quiet.

Her expression got Evil Ageha thinking if she actually read the diary Evil Ageha left on purpose for her to see. Evil Ageha loudly expressed her relief that Ageha finally knows the truth that her dad raped their mom which made Ageha feel humiliated and asked Evil Ageha not to bring it up but Evil Ageha assured her that Kira already knows the truth.

Kira acted indifferently and ignored Ageha while asking Evil Ageha if she was finished shopping. Evil Ageha also told him that she will tell grandpa about what happened today but Kira only smiled and asked her to go easy on him.

Evil Ageha didn’t like how he responded so she insulted him by saying he’s just a fake considering a fake (Ageha) was the one who chose him so he’s obviously not suited to be the next head which triggered Ageha .

She slowly walked forward asking about getting called “fake” but she went straight to Kira instead of Evil Ageha. She told him she doesn’t care if she was being called a fake but Kira should hold his head high as the rightful chosen head.

She couldn’t accept that Kira was letting Evil Ageha belittle him. She wants him to be the next heir which is why she was ready to get locked up at the mansion just for her wish to come true so Kira shouldn’t look pathetic. She also told him to show Evil Ageha and their grandpa that he shouldn’t be someone to be underestimated which made Kira shudder.

Evil Ageha ordered her people to catch Ageha but Kira covered and protected Ageha. He told her he can’t fulfill her expectations of him because she was what he wants. He told her that no matter what happens, she’s the real Tsukishiro Ageha for him.

Chapter 37

After Kira’s sweet declaration, the two were about to run away when the bodyguards warned Kira not to defy the head’s orders. Surprisingly, Evil Ageha rushed over to shield Kira from the bodyguards (she was also surprised by her own actions) so Kira used that opportunity to use her as a hostage.

The next scene showed Grandpa practicing his swordsmanship while remembering his daughter who for some reason seems happy to give birth to the twins vs what he told Evil Ageha that their mom resented Ageha’s existence. He was quickly informed that Kira kidnapped his granddaughters.

On our leads side, Evil Ageha kept reminding Kira that his actions will never be forgiven so he should kiss the chance of being the next head goodbye. She also blames everything on Ageha but Ageha quickly tried to change the subject by bringing up the way Evil Ageha addresses her. She said Evil Ageha should stop addressing her as “You/hey” but since they’re both “Ageha”, our Ageha will just call Evil Ageha “Acchan”.

On a serious note, Kira voiced out his thoughts about how the previous head (Acchan’s dad) quickly died in some incident after becoming the head of the Tsukishiro group despite the idea that the Tsukishiros are good at choosing candidates. Acchan took offense at it since it sounded like her Mom didn’t have discerning eyes. She further justified her mom’s decision by explaining that her dad was the head’s right-hand man back then who also took care of her mom so the only one to blame for everything was Ageha’s dad for assaulting their mom and giving birth to Ageha, which lead to their mom’s death.

Kira received a call that his dad (the main head of the Hebijima group) collapsed so they went straight to Hebijima’s HQ.

There, Ageha noticed the people around there were glaring at Kira. Once they got in the elevator, Ageha asked if it was okay for her to tag along but Kira assured her that it was okay since he also need to introduce Ageha as his fiancee. Kira also explained that he may address the main head as “dad” but they’re more of a boss and employee than a parent and kid.

Ageha then realized that Kira’s dad didn’t show up at the party held by the Tsukishiro group, and Kira explained that the man was sickly and might even die anytime soon. Ageha still feels guilty and told Kira that he was stupid for choosing her. Kira shared that he thought Ageha actually betrayed him when he found out about the switch so he was really upset but he realized how much Ageha liked him when he saw how much she cried assuring him that he was gonna be the next head when they saw each other at the dressing room.

Kira told her that no man would ever leave a person like Ageha as he puts a necklace on her with their engagement ring hanging on it. He assured her that he’ll be at the top using his own strength and be so manly that she won’t even have the chance to feel anxious anymore.

Their sweet moment was ruined when the elevator opened and they were welcomed by a man who shot Kira in an instant. Ageha was about to attack the man when Kira stopped her and showed that the gun was just a prank as he greets and address the man in front of them as “dad”.

The man ignored Kira and told Ageha that she looks exactly like Nobara. Shocked, Ageha asked how he knows her mom’s name then the man said he was the one who made her mom unhappy.

Chapter 38

Confused, Ageha asked for more explanations. The man then asked which one between Ageha and the other girl who looked like her downstairs is his kid and she immediately realized that the man in front of her is her biological dad.

Ageha grabbed his collar while full of anger but the man just pushed her to the side and said he has business with Kira. He interrogated Kira for defying the Tsukishiro group’s head and kidnapping the two Agehas. He was mad that the Tsukishiros are now targetting the Hebijimas all because of Kira being dumb with love thus he ordered his people to beat Kira to a pulp and return the girls back to Tsukishiro. He also said that whoever beats Kira will be the next head of the Hebijima group.

Ageha, on the other hand, attacked the man once again and told him that she was his daughter and she hates him so much. Ageha got distracted by something that dropped from the man’s jacket and was about to get knocked out when Kira swiftly stopped the man after beating everyone up.

The man was gonna praise Kira but he cough blood and had to take some rest. The scene made Ageha realize that the man was indeed sickly and it looks like it was due to some internal wounds he got way back before.

Ageha gave the dagger that she saw fallen earlier as Kira recognized that it was similar to the dagger she owned. It turns out the dagger Ageha owned was a memento from her mom so she was confused as to why the man had the same one.

As for Acchan, she just woke up and was on her way to where Kira and Ageha were when she overheard the man’s story.

It appears that the Tsukishiro group used to have a hitman, and that person made a mistake in one of his tasks so he was imprisoned for 10 years. One day, that person’s sentence was shortened to 5 years after the Tsukishiro group just announced the new head. It turns out that Ageha’s mom, Nobara, married someone powerful in exchange for helping the hitman.

With that, Kira’s speculation was confirmed that the man, Ageha’s mom married wasn’t the real chosen one but the hitman who was actually Ageha’s dad.

Acchan couldn’t accept what she heard and as she was about to react, a helicopter appeared and fired bullets. Everyone took cover, Ageha even helped Acchan to hide somewhere safe. Acchan pushed Ageha in the open but her dad quickly came to shield her from the bullets.

Special Chapter

It showed a lady whoring herself out, a man trying to sell his organs, and a kid locked in a space under the floor calling out to his mom.

Some Yakuzas barged into their place asking for payments but the couple couldn’t hand any money so they offered to give their son as payment but the kid stabbed and killed everyone including his parents.

The head of the Hebijima group showed up on the scene only to see his subordinates dead. The kid innocently challenged to kill the man but he got beat down and was asked if he wanted to join the yakuza.

The head told him not to get eaten anymore but instead to be the one eating others since they live in a dog-eat-dog world.

10+ years later, the kid turns out to be Kira whose goal is to beat everyone and reach the top of the Yakuza world.

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