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Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 08 (Chapters 39 to 43) Summary

Jingi Naki Mukotori Volume 08 Cover

Chapter 39

The helicopter stopped shooting and left then everyone rushed over to the Hebijima group’s head. Kira asked to call an ambulance but the man stopped him. He asked if Ageha was unhurt which made Ageha question if he was trying to act like a father when he shielded her but the man said he only did it because Ageha looked exactly like Nobara.

Ageha asked if the man was really the one her mom chose and he answered yes. He said Ageha’s mom told him that they were fated since she felt the electricity run through her body when they first met which was also the same sensation Ageha felt towards Kira.

Her dad added that her mom was so cheerful towards someone like him despite the number of times he avoided and turned her down but it’s because she was that way that he couldn’t help but fall for her. It was just too bad that someone stole her from him.

After that, the man promoted Kira as the 2nd main head of the Hebijima group. Ageha tried to stop her dad from talking since he was losing so much blood but the man left them a message about not letting anyone trample on them so they don’t end up like him. Her dad slowly left his consciousness and saw Nobara in Ageha so he passed away seeing the woman he loved one last time.

Acchan went straight to the Tsukishiro estate to confront grandpa while Kira and Ageha are back at the apartment they had in chapter 16. Kira informed her that they will hold a funeral the next day so Ageha should stay in the apartment to keep herself safe.

Ageha agreed and went to take a shower but Kira barged in and saw Ageha crying from what happened to her dad. He hugged her and told her not to hide her tears from him which made Ageha cry more. She said she can’t really accept him as her dad that quickly but for some reason, she still feels sad about his death. Kira comforted her and also reminded her that her mom chose her dad as the supposed head so Ageha isn’t the fake one among the sisters.

He kissed her and told her that he won’t forgive the people who stole her dad’s loved ones. He said he’ll crush the Tsukishiro group. Kira apologized to Ageha but hoped that she understand his actions.

The next day, everyone from the Hebijima group was mourning the head’s death and Kira announced that he was promoted to become the 2nd main head of the group. He also said that they will be declaring war with the Tsukishiro group to make the Hebijima group at the top of the Yakuza world.

Ageha barged into the funeral, not to stop Kira, but to join their side in the upcoming yakuza war.

Chapter 40

Kira challenged Ageha to kill someone at the funeral before she could join the war. Ageha tried to argue but Kira told her that she won’t be able to kill her relatives if she can’t even kill a total stranger which shook Ageha’s resolve.

She was set on house arrest until the war is over but she tried to get her bodyguards to warm up to her to spill the plans for the war. Her bodyguards told her that they got information that the head of the Tsukishiro group will be in Chinatown next week and that’s where they’ll ambush him.

The plan made Ageha remember one of the lessons her grandpa taught her about giving an opening so the enemy would take the bait so they could beat them. Worried about it possibly happening, she asked her bodyguards for a request that will protect the Hebijima group.

The next week came, and Kira did ambush the head of Hebijima as planned. He told grandpa that he doesn’t want the position as the next head of the Tsukishima group anymore. He said the only things he wants are to take the Hebijima group that his father created at the top of the Yakuza world and the girl he loves.

Ageha’s grandpa remained calm and more of his subordinates showed up surrounding the Hebijima group. Grandpa was about to claim his victory when the Tsukishima received gunshots which came from the Chinese mafia owned by Yen. A few other Yakuzas showed up under the Kuga group as his way of atoning for how he treated Ageha and Kira, plus he couldn’t reject the opportunity of having the chance to bring the Tsukishiro group down.

Kira was confused about what was happening but realized that Ageha has possibly done something about it. As if on cue, Ageha showed up right on time to prove to him that she has her ways of helping, and Kira thanked her for it.

Grandpa was surprised by Ageha’s actions but Ageha only apologized and showed him that grandpa should surrender since it’s in the Yakuza’s nature to fight back when they’re attacked.

Chapter 41

People from the Tsukishiro group were confused after seeing Ageha next to Kira since they just saw her at the Tsukishiro estate.

Kira explained everything regarding the truth behind the Tsukishiro head’s lies which caused even more confusion around them and despite the number of backups the Hebijima group got, Ageha’s grandpa was still unfazed by the situation. He ordered his people to kill everyone and doesn’t care if Ageha gets hurt in the process as long as they get her back.

The fight grew fiercer so Kira tricked Ageha for her to get away from the battlefield and got himself caught by the Tsukishiro group instead.

On Acchan’s side, she holed herself in the house while relieving the time she confronted grandpa about the truth. She dug around grandpa’s documents and saw a box full of letters from her mom to Hebijima group’s head, Go. Grandpa told Achan the truth that Nobara had her eyes only for Go and only saw Acchan’s dad, Sameya, as a brother and grandpa’s right-hand man.

One day, Sameya saw Nobara on the way back home full of hickeys (she just had sex with Ageha’s dad) which pushed him to rape Nobara since he realized that Nobara’s gonna pick Go as the next head.

Go was arrested by the police after getting caught assassinating someone which led to his 10 years of imprisonment. Sameya took that opportunity to offer a proposition with Nobara that he’ll help Go’s case if she marries him as the next head of the Tsukishiro group.

Unfortunately, despite grandpa knowing the truth, Sameya was the one Nobara married which makes Acchan the real Tsukishiro Ageha.

All the mean things Acchan told Ageha like being a fake and having a rapist father bit her back as she now knows that Ageha’s the real deal while she’s the fake one in the family. Sadly, her anger is still towards Ageha thus she vows to take everything from Ageha.

Chapter 42

Ageha headed straight to Hebijima group’s HQ and helped tend to the injured. Everyone was a mess, their chain of command is broken since Kira has been taken and some people even blame Ageha for what was happening.

Ageha’s grandpa video called the Hebijimas to show how much damage they’ve inflicted on Kira. Grandpa assured them that Kira isn’t dead yet and was only punished for defying him.

He then asked Ageha to end the fight herself by coming back to the Tsukishiro group’s side. He admitted that he didn’t want Ageha’s dad to become the new head because he didn’t want a disposable hitman so Acchan’s dad was the better candidate. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Ageha is his precious granddaughter so he wants her back.

Kira interrupted and called grandpa a repulsive egoist which caused him to get beaten in front of the camera. Kira’s people pressured Ageha to surrender herself to the Tsukishiros to free Kira but Kira shut them all up. Kira asked Ageha to be honest about what she really wanted but grandpa threatened her that they’ll stab one of Kira’s eyes if she doesn’t come back.

Ageha being a girl boss as always, said no. She was trembling but she kept her word about what she wanted and declared that she’ll only obey the man he chose which caused Kira to get stabbed at the end of the call.

Grandpa heaved a sigh after the whole show and told Kira that he won. Kira’s eyes weren’t stabbed and it appears that Kira challenged grandpa to a bet where if he loses, he will give Ageha back and the Tsukishiro group are free to do whatever they want to Kira, the Hebijima group, and their capital. If he wins, the Tsukishiro group will leave Ageha and the Hebijima group alone.

Grandpa asked Kira how he knew Ageha’s decision but Kira said that he only believed in Ageha’s determination to be with him. Unfortunately, Kira has also betrayed that determination Ageha had since another part of the bet’s agreement was he’d marry Acchan if he wins.

Chapter 43

Moral was down at the Hebijima HQ after the call. Some were blaming Ageha for what happened since she could’ve just agreed to everything to ensure Kira’s safety. The thought that Kira was badly hurt and even half blind shook Ageha’s resolve about everything.

Kira was released from the cell and is treating his wound in the bathroom when he saw a letter (Nobara’s letter to Go) taped on the collar of his shirt. Acchan barged where she saw Kira’s tattoo for the first time. She also asked about the big long scar on his tattoo but he said she’ll get bored if he told her.

Acchan then guided him to his room where she tried to seduce him as her “fiance” but Kira was unresponsive to her moves. He told her that despite having the same looks and voice as Ageha, she just doesn’t have an effect on him. He then brought up the origin of the scar on his tattoo and he told her that he got it from protecting a woman and that’s the only woman who can well up his emotions.

Acchan was offended by his arrogance and Kira reminded Acchan of her own arrogance. He told her that the reason grandpa is insistent on keeping him as the next head is that breaking off the engagement right after just announcing it would ruin the Tsukishiro group’s reputation since it’ll look like their tradition of letting the woman pick their next head didn’t live up to its name. Everything was just about keeping face so Acchan shouldn’t act like she’s better than anyone.

Acchan warned Kira before he left the room that Kira and Grandpa may have made an agreement not to touch Ageha and the Hebijima group but that doesn’t make Acchan part of that. Kira didn’t care about her threat and left the room.

The Hebijima group, on the other hand, fell for Acchan’s tricks and drugged Ageha to surrender her to the Tsukishimas. Acchan told them that she’s on nobody’s side and just wants to save Kira from dying by getting her sister back but it looks like Acchan is planning on killing Ageha since she thinks that there’s no need for two of them to exist in the world.

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