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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 17 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 17 Cover Page

This chapter continued from the tension chapter 16 left us with (In the hopes that they’re gonna kiss). Our lovely Chigi really wanted to kiss Maaya but he noticed her shaking, so he assumed she was scared of what was happening. Because of that Chigi just kissed the tip of her nose and forehead, then he thanked her. After that, the librarian came to the library and asked them to help close the library, thus the end of their mission for that day.

Maaya tried to process what happened and wondered why Chigi kissed her. (She thought he only bopped her nose and kissed her on the forehead.) She’s trying to convince herself of what just happened. Maybe it shouldn’t happen since they’re just playing around. Or that maybe kissing is indeed part of their game. She even thought that maybe that’s just how hotties are used to doing, regardless if it’s a game or not. And why did Chigi thank her??

Everything’s confusing her since she never experienced having “Mutual Love” and has always just had one-sided crushes. She’s even wondering what would’ve happened if the librarian never came. Maybe they’d actually kiss for real, and she’s also looking forward to that possibly happening.

I swear these two should just legist confess!! It’s so obvious they both love each other!!! But, oh well! Because of what happened, Maaya’s now getting too conscious of Chigi which of course made Chigi misunderstand and think that she’s now scared of him. Chigi apologized but she didn’t get the chance to clear off the misunderstanding so they didn’t talk to each other until Chigi’s tournament.

Of course, this series is pure fluff and has no angst (maybe a little sometimes?) so Maaya watched his race and congratulated Chigi for beating his personal record!! She called him to congratulate him on it, and they made up. I mean, they’re both too soft on each other so I bet they really miss one another. Hahaha.

Maaya also cleared off their misunderstanding and told him that she doesn’t hate being touched by him and that she was just taken aback since a “kiss” is still too much for her and that she just needs more practice before she gets used to it. OMG this girl, that’s like saying “You can totally kiss me until I get used to it.” LOL!!!

Chigi even asked her what he meant by “Practice”, and so she explained that she’ll definitely get used to him touching her if they do a lot of physical contacts. That’s when she officially asked him to practice with her until she gets used to it. HAHAHA, Maaya’s so cute and surprises Chigi all the time. Of course, Chigi accepted the offer.

After that, Ohara (Chigi’s friend from the track and field since middle school) approached them to invite Chigi to a 3 days 3 nights practice at her relative’s cottage in the countryside where they used to practice back in middle school. Of course, the more the merrier so she invited Maaya too. You know what that means, next chapter is the “Overnight Beach” event!! What do you guys think will happen between them?

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