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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 18 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 18 Cover Page

Guys, this is the chapter we’ve all been waiting for. Beach / Overnight trip chapter!! Nothing much really happened here and just full-on flirty fan service, but I’m not complaining!

Start of the trip

It’s now summer break! Maaya has finally admitted to herself that she wants to make their whole “mutual love” game real. Her goal on this 3 days-trip is to make Chigi fall for her (she made a to-do list again HAHA), but it’s kinda had to do that since Tezuka tagged along in the trip.

He actually wasn’t interested, but Ohara mentioned Maaya coming so he immediately said yes when she invited him. Let’s just wish he doesn’t ruin our Maaya-Chigi moments on this trip. Also, turns out Ohara thought Maaya and Chigi were dating. No wonder Ohara just naturally invited Maaya on this trip in the last chapter. That’s also how she introduced Maaya to her uncle and cousin when they got into the villa, which of course, Maaya and even Tezuka corrected.

Fun Before Run

After that, they went to the beach and had some fun (later they ate barbeque) before training. We get to see Chigi and Maaya wearing swimsuits here!! Man, I didn’t think Maaya would be this sexy since she’s always portrayed as kind of a plain jane. Even Ohara’s simping on her when she was trying to take a picture of her but she did it so close like it’s focusing on her boobs HAHA. Of course, Chigi being Chigi, he grabbed Ohara’s phone and deleted those pictures LOL.

Maaya was planning to bond with Chigi here, either putting sunscreen on each other or playing in the sea. Too bad they couldn’t get some alone time together since Tezuka was getting in their way and Ohara was really just having fun haha.

End of the day

Beach and barbeque were done, so Ohara and Chigi left for training. Maaya’s left in the house doing summer homework when she didn’t even notice Tezuka was also left in the house. She was pretty scared or more like, nervous when she noticed Tezuka, so he blatantly told her that it was offending when someone looks obviously wary of him. He also apologized to her since he definitely has an idea why Maaya reacted that way, and he assured he that he won’t do anything she won’t like. Maaya just focused on her homework after that while Tezuka was smiling while glancing at her.

Chigi and Ohara went back to their training, they played and then called it a day. Maaya was going to sleep when she saw a cockroach in her room so she rushed outside and saw Chigi in front of her door. He said he thought of visiting her in his room since he wanted to hang out with her, so he invited her to his room after.

Just go snusnu LOL

He freaking took her bag from her room and they moved to his room! Like holy these two! Chigi was pretty forward too when he voiced out glad he is that they’re finally alone together now which means he’s been looking forward to them having some alone time together.

Maaya also shared their Mutual Love “To-do” list and Chigi noticed a barely erased line where she wrote “Arm Pillow”. She said she wrote it when she was daydreaming but she knows that’s creepy so she erased it. On the contrary, Chigi straight up told her that he wants her to use his arm as her pillow!! OMG!!!

Laying down using his arm as a pillow made her think that she was the closest to Chigi at that moment. Chigi also told her how the smell of her hair calms him down and (their semi-snuggling) is also making her drowsy because she feels so comfortable. They were having small talks while in that setup until Maaya finally fell asleep, and the chapter ended with Chigira kissing her on the forehead and telling her good night.

Tell me this isn’t a cute chapter?! I just squealed a lot while reading this because of how endearing Chigi is, plus they were on the same bed GAH!

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  1. Thank you so much for the summaries of this manga. You put it in a way that is understandable and informative! 💛 All the best.

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