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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 19 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 19 Cover Page

I’m sure everyone’s hyped and curious about Chigi and Mayaa’s first night together, so here it goes!

First Morning Together

The chapter started with Maaya waking up from a dream where she’s chasing after Chigi walking after her. Having woken up, she realized how crazy her request was last night. I mean, she freaking fell asleep on Chigi’s arm!!

Of course, Chigi being a gentleman, slept on the floor while Mayaa slept on the bed. This was their first time spending the night together, so half feeling sorry and half feeling happy to watch Chigi sleep, she was caught off guard when Chigi was actually already awake. He even proposed they do a morning practice of their silly game by touching each other’s forehead, which Maaya gladly agreed with.

Chigi also tried to ask her to kiss his forehead after that, but it was too much for her, so it didn’t happen HAHA. Either way, Mayaa still thinks this is the happiest morning she has ever had. Chigi went on his morning run, and as Maaya was on her way to the restroom to get ready herself, she and Tezuka bumped in the hallway.

Maaya naturally greeted him without even realizing she had just come out of Chigi’s room. She wasn’t really aware of it until Tezuka mentioned that, so Maaya told him she got the wrong room while she was on the way to the restroom. She left Tezuka in the hallway still surprised about it.


The trip can’t end without the gang having fun, so the four of them went to a festival. Ohara lead the trip and said they were free to go wherever and dragged Tezuka away so Maaya and Chigi were able to roam around the festival. The two are openly flirting here! I’m so jealous huhu

They held hands, ate cotton candy, played some mini-games, and ate a corndog. Maaya had ketchup on her cheek, so Chigi just naturally wiped it off her and then licked his thumb!! GHAD CHIGI!! That’s when Maaya realized that she was more comfortable with him now compared to when he avoided his hand before.

They watched the fireworks together and Chigi even being all suave and put his hand on her waist!! Maaya has also acknowledged the fact that her heart can’t keep up with everything ever since she started hoping Chigi would fall for her. Because of that, she’s scared thinking her emotions might overflow and make her confess to him.

They walked around after the fireworks and she followed Chigi to the bank with flowers. Maaya mistook one of the flowers there as Cosmos which Chigi corrected since the flower was a Kalimeris. He also mentioned its alternate name, “Wild chrysanthemum”, which turned out to be Chigi’s favorite flower. So, no wonder he knows it. He put the flower on Maaya’s ear and said she’s like that flower. Guys! Don’t you think that’s Chigi’s indirect way of telling her that he likes her?!

Maaya didn’t get the reference, huhu. She thought Chigi said that because he sees her as someone “raw and full of spirit”. ARGH! They really should just be direct with each other :<


Maaya went to the restroom after that when she bumped into Tezuka. He confronted her about seeing her and Chigi holding hands and seemed to be on a date, which she denied. Tezuka asked her why is she denying and hiding it, and was even rude enough to ask if maybe they were doing something lewd since she couldn’t be honest about it.

He also tried to guilt-trip Maaya by saying she was using Ohara to come to their training camp just so she could flirt around with Chigi. He explained how the trip’s main purpose was for Ohara and Chigi to train more for the track and field but they had to go to the festival since Maaya said she wanted to go see it.

Maaya’s a really nice girl so she felt bad after realizing she ruined the training camp. She planned on apologizing to Ohara and Chigi but Tezuka stopped her since it was crowded. That’s when he realized that he made her cry with his harsh comment. He explained that he only said those because he wanted to be mean to her. He also tried to console her back by saying everyone has at least one or two things they don’t want people to know. Same with people who might do something low, so she shouldn’t feel bad about whatever he told her.

Chigi and Tezuka’s Relationship

Maaya finally asked Tezuka what exactly happened between him and Chigi since it’s obvious that there seems to be bad blood between them. He said Chigi was part of the soccer club during their first year in middle school. He was already part of the track and field club when he naturally invited Chigi to join.

They were always together studying and training. Chigi soon became good at it and even surpassed Tezuka’s best record. Because of that, he grew inferior to Chigi considering he’s been on the track and field since elementary school but he couldn’t improve his skills the way he wants them to be.

That’s when he started growing some distance from Chigi. They became third-year students, and are finally competing for the national championships. Tezuka assumed he’d be part of the 100m and 200m race like usual, but he was only assigned to the 4-man relay. To make things worse for him, Chigi was part of the 100m, 200m, and also the 4-man relay. He got annoyed with the fact that people follow and cheer for Chigi, and also how he was the one who invited him to join the club.

Tezuka’s Feelings

The flashback ended with Tezuka telling Maaya that he didn’t show up on the day of the tournament, then ghosted their club after. He said he got excited imagining their face when they found out they got betrayed in the tournament. Pretty selfish, if you ask me. He even admitted that he was pissed about the fact that Chigi could beat his best effort, so he wanted Chigi to at least experience having a hard time.

He also said he’d really do anything just so Chigi would feel that way, even if he has to use Maaya for it to happen. At least, Tezuka’s aware that he’s being a bad guy right now. Maaya then asked him if he actually followed Chigi to their high school on purpose. He didn’t deny it, which made Maaya say the whole thing sounded like he has one-sided feelings for Chigi HAHA.

Shocked, Tezuka said she got it wrong because he hates him. But Maaya consoled him and said she kind of understand how Tezuka is feeling. She explained this by first admitting that she likes Chigi. She said she thinks Chigi is someone out of reach, someone you can only look up to, someone that’s hard to catch up with. And that if you really hate someone, you wouldn’t exactly chase after them which means Tezuka actually likes Chigi a lot.

from that, the chapter ended with Tezuka finally realizing that he really doesn’t hate Chigi, and also borrowed Maaya’s shoulder for him to cry on. Let’s only hope the two finally make up the next chapter!

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