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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 20 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 20 Cover Page

I’m sorry I took a year off from working on this blog. I know I’m super late with my summary but I thought I might as well do it in preparation for volume 06.

The Rest of the Trip

Chapter 19 ended with Tezuka hugging Maaya. Fortunately, Maaya instinctively pushed him away which made Tezuka come back to his senses. He apologized for his actions and told her that the hug didn’t mean anything then took off.

Maaya being transparent with Chigi (except for her true feelings), told him about what happened between Tezuka and her (how she confronted Tezuka about what happened in Junior high and also about the hug) so Chigi dragged Maaya back to the house and “sterilized” her by kissing her around the shoulder and telling her that he hates the idea of another guy touching her.

Surprised by his actions, she went to the bathroom where she started questioning their whole relationship since Chigi looked genuinely sad despite just playing pretend with her. She went back to the living room where she left him and reassured him that she was fine and asked him what she can do to cheer him up. Chigi asked for a kiss so Maaya gave him a kiss on the forehead which made Chigi all better. Chigira’s smile after that made Maaya wonder if maybe they were actually into each other.

New Semester

The trip ended. Everyone was busy with their own endeavors till the end of Summer break.

It’s finally the new semester. Maaya was surprised when she found Chigi in front of her house because he wanted to see her face right away that morning and also to return the “pretend mutual” to-do list. She kept daydreaming on their way to school about how she just wanted to enjoy their time together in the hopes that she’ll learn more about how Chigira actually feels. Thanks to that, she blurted out her thought of how she wanted to go somewhere with him again, to which Chigira replied “next time, let’s go somewhere else with just the two of us.”

Tezuka saw the two walking on the way to school and started questioning again the whole relationship between them. He then confronted Chigira at lunch break about how long Chigi will keep up their pretend play, why won’t he just go out with her for real, and if is he actually just playing with Maaya. He also told Chigi that he’ll never forgive him if he ever hurts Maaya because he wants her to be happy so he wants to know what exactly is Chigi’s intention with her. Chigi just responded to him with “Only Maaya can know if she’s truly happy or not.”

Later that moment, Maaya saw Tezuka all gloomy in the hallway (because of what he and Chigi talked about). Tezuka randomly asked her if she was happy to which she replied yes. He then reminded her that the whole pretending to have mutual feelings is nothing but a super unproductive game and that she should rethink Chigi’s whole intentions considering people’s judgment gets clouded when they’re in love and Tezuka is just really concerned about her.

A New Problem

What Tezuka told Maaya became her wake-up call to finally rethink her whole relationship with Chigi as she acknowledged that her judgment does change whenever she’s in love. She agrees that she loses the ability to be calm and makes convenient excuses for herself and how even people around them don’t think it’s possible for Chigi to date someone like her (during the time a pic of her getting princess carried by Chigi was circulating).

As Maaya was pondering everything, she got a text from her friends about another picture with Chigi circulating and this time, her face is really visible compared to the last time when her face was covered. The chapter ended with Ohara also seeing that picture and showing it to Chigi who was at that time busy looking for trips to go with Maaya.

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