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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 23 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 23 Cover Page

Chigi’s Morning

Our lovely couple is finally dating! Chapter 23 started off with Chigi doing his morning run and happily reminiscing what happened the previous day between him and Maaya.

His little sister, Ren, is finally introduced in the series. She noticed her brother seems happier than usual which she guessed is because Chigira has finally made up with Maaya. She said she wants to meet Maaya in person but the topic immediately changed after she asked about Tezuka. Looks like he used to visit a lot at Chigi’s place since Ren was looking for him.

Maaya’s Morning

As for Maaya’s side, she’s still overwhelmed by the fact that, unlike yesterday, their feelings are finally mutual today. The hickey on her arm was proof that everything wasn’t a dream not to mention Chigi even sent her a good morning text.

He was also looking out for her since she was finally gonna explain everything to her friends. Scared of getting hated by her friends, she braced herself and told them that she and Chigi are now dating. She also apologized for keeping things a secret but all her friends were happy for her since all of them were worried she couldn’t bounce back from her old love.

Tezuka’s Moving On

Our boy Tezuka being heartbroken, cut his hair and even wore ear piercings. Maaya was caught off guard by his change and as she gonna give a comment, Tezuka assumed she was gonna compliment his looks but she was just worried his ears were red (It’s red because it’s his first time getting his ears pierced) HAHA.

He also congratulated Maaya in a roundabout way by just warning her about Chigi’s fan club and that she can always rely on him to help her if Chigi’s not with her in case something bad happens. Maaya being Maaya, doesn’t think Chigi’s fan club will confront her but Tezuka insisted and he won’t take no for an answer because this is also his way of atoning for Chigira (which Maaya took as his way of trying to make up with Chigi).


While Maaya was waiting for her friend in the hallway, she was wondering about what Tezuka meant by “in case something bad happens” and thought about some dangerous girls ganging up on her. Chigi saw her which snapped her back to reality and then she realized that was their first time seeing each other in school as an official couple.

Despite the happiness, she heard the other girls talking about them. Some were curious about how she looked, some thinks they have a chance with Chigi considering he was dating someone like Maaya, and some couldn’t believe the two are actually dating. One thing that hurt her was when she heard someone say Chigi’s taste was questionable so she tried to leave the area so she could save Chigi’s reputation but Chigi hugged her and said “no” and that she can’t leave. Talk about bragging to the whole school that they’re dating LOL.

Thanks to Chigi’s action, all Maaya’s worries were blown away. She no longer cares if people hate her since Chigi’s beside her and being hated by him would be a lot more times worse than having people hating her for dating him.

Chigi was about to tell Maaya something but they got cut off since her friend she was waiting for was finally back. Out of curiosity, Maaya’s friend asked if Chigi and her have already kissed which got her flustered. So cute!!

Chigira and Tezuka

Tezuka approached the gloomy Chigi and warned him about PDA in school LOL. Shocked by Tezuka’s new look, all Chigi could say was how Tezuka’s ears were red just like Maaya’s comment HAHA.

Chigi threw a can of coffee at Tezuka and said “Good job / You did great” which surprised Tezuka. He denied what Chigi said followed by the line “In fact, I’m glad we got to run together after a long time” which surprised Chigi. Let’s hope these two finally reconcile.

Birthday Plans

It’s now after school. Maaya was looking up stuff high schoolers do when they’re dating when she saw the word “kiss”. She realized this only meant that they’ll finally continue the kiss that they couldn’t do before although she also couldn’t imagine herself kissing someone.

Her daydreams stopped when showed up and asked her to go home together with him and everyone saw them holding hands. Chigi was a little worried Maaya wouldn’t like it but she reassured him with a smile and said it actually makes her happy.

In a way, this makes Maaya think that the fact that Chigi chose her among all the girls out there makes this a miracle. She hopes she could be more confident about herself so she can stand proudly next to him.

Chigi then brought up his upcoming birthday. He said instead of getting an object as a present, he wants to go to Maaya’s place so he could introduce himself to her parents and also because he wants to see her room. Haha.

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