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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 24 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 24 Cover Page

Preparation for the Visit

The chapter started with Maaya panicking and wanting to go to the furniture store to decorate her room. Her mom was confused by her random request so Maaya told her mom that her boyfriend is visiting.

She left her mom shocked in the kitchen and continued rearranging her room. She also thought about activities Chigi and her can do like showing her junior high yearbook when she suddenly thought of them possibly kissing.

She tried to calm herself thinking that a guy like Chigira wouldn’t be into kissing this early and that it would probably happen around 1 year of their dating (not that she was actually sure about it). She also can’t imagine herself going for a kiss because it felt like something she only sees on tv or something far from reality for her. She even tried to look them up online but it was too much for her. Right now, what matters to her is that she’s finally Chigira’s girlfriend.

Meeting the Parents

It’s finally Chigi’s birthday and he has officially introduced himself to Maaya’s parents as her boyfriend. He met her dad, mom, and dog. Maaya’s mom even splurged on the food because she ended up mentioning that it was Chigira’s birthday.

They ate all together and have gotten to know each other. Maaya’s parents were in full support of their relationship. Her mom even joked about how the whole situation felt like Chigira was asking for Maaya’s hand in marriage and how the name “Chigira Maaya” has a nice ring to it.

Maaya’s dad then realized how the surname “Chigira” was pretty rare and found out that the politician with the same surname as him was actually his grandfather while his dad is a lawyer. Talk about having a boyfriend from an elite family!!

The meal was over and while heading to Maaya’s room, the couple were talking about how the conversation with her parents went. Chigira was glad that everything went smoothly thanks to Mayaa’s parents being friendly with him. Maaya then brought up how she didn’t expect Chigira’s family background since she never knew about it and it looks like she’s the first one to learn about it since Chigira never told anyone. Hearing that made Maaya happy since it sounded like she was allowed to know more about him as his girlfriend.

Maaya’s Room

They finally got to her room and Chigi looks really ecstatic. He saw the book “Tomb of Chrysanthemum” and the makeshift ring he put on her when they were acting as a married couple at his place.

Maaya also gave him wireless earbuds as a birthday gift so he can use them whenever he’s training or running. She said she matched the color with the misanga she gave him before which made Chigi sad because that misanga broke when he was looking for Maaya in chapter 21.

He told Maaya about it since he really felt bad that it broke but Maaya didn’t mind considering there’s a belief saying misanga grants wishes when it breaks. Thanks to that, Chigi was finally relieved and even told Maaya that he was so close to crying when it broke which touched Maaya. In exchange, she told him that she can always make another one for him.


Our boy was really forward after that because he asked Maaya to give him a hug HAHA. The vibe was romantic and it was the right queue to kiss but Maaya directly asked him if they were gonna kiss now (The 2nd hand embarrassment was off the charts starting here because I kept thinking her parents would barge in!!)

Chigi answered Maaya’s question with a yes. She told him how she feels about kissing. How she knew it would happen someday but it was so alien to her so she doesn’t really know how it works. With that, Chigi offered to do a “pretend kiss”. He explained that they won’t actually kiss and that he’ll put his hand on her lips but even that was enough for Maaya to hold her breath. So innocent!!

Thanks to that, Maaya felt relieved since it wasn’t really hard as she thought it’d be. She even told him they can do the “pretend kiss” again which stirred something inside Chigi. He sat on her bed, told her to come to him, and that she should sit on his lap as couples do.

Chigi-Chigi’s Patience

While cuddling, Chigira told Maaya how just “pretending” isn’t enough for him. He said he lied about telling her that he’ll wait for her to get used to him because he’s already at his limit. He told her how he dreams about them kissing and he can’t get enough of her. He even said they should take things to the next level so she’ll get even more used to him because if she doesn’t, Chigira might go crazy. LOL. Let’s hope we finally get a kiss on Volume 07!

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