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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 25 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 25 Cover Page

Cultural Festival Prep

The school’s cultural festival is right around the corner. Everyone is busy with the preparation.

Maaya’s class is doing a bubble tea shop while the library committee is turning the library into a break room. With that, their only task as committee members were to make bookmarks with quotes from books they enjoy.

She was punching holes in the other bookmarks while wondering if she should’ve picked an easier quote like the other members when Chigi grabbed hers and guessed the book correctly. We all know how much of a kuudere (aloof/expressionless type) Chigi is so seeing him all happy after knowing he got the answer correctly was so adorable!

Maaya also thinks she can now tell when Chigi is happy lately based on the expressions he makes. They’re also comfortable showing their loving sides in public now and even people tease them for it HAHA.

Flashback to Chigi’s Birthday

Thanks to the teasing, Maaya remembered what happened to Chigi’s birthday at her place. That was the first time Chigi has been honest about how he really felt. Maaya felt bad that she was giving him a hard time so she told him they could kiss but Chigi turned her down. He said he doesn’t want her to do it out of pressure because that’s not how it should be. Maaya was really confused about what Chigi meant by “not how it should be” but we all know he meant it as “they should kiss because they both want it and not because one of them is pressured to do it”.

Chigi’s Wishes

Maaya was hungry while they were on the way home from school. Chigi brought her to a food cart place where he often eats after his club activities. They look so comfortable with each other, Maaya even ate from his stick and looked so happy with the food.

It turns out Chigi has always dreamt of bringing her to that place once they start dating. He even said, “My wish came true”. Gahd! What a guy!! Maaya then realized that just like she has things she wants to do with him, so does Chigira with her. She told him to be more open with things he wants to do with her so that they can both grant each other’s wishes.

Chigi was very touched so he told her what was on his mind at that very moment. He wants them to “pretend” kiss but this time, Maaya will initiate it. Maaya was caught off guard considering they were in a public place so Chigi asked if she would be okay with it if they went somewhere without people.

I mean obviously, it’d be hard to say no considering she just told him to be more open with what he wants so before Chigi could take things back, Maaya agreed to do it. Maaya asked how long Chigi wants the “kiss” to be but he left the decision to her so he said it was okay when Maaya said it’d be a quick one. After that, Chigi hugged her and happily said “Another wish of mine granted”. Seeing Chigi happy made Maaya wonder what kind of expression Chigira would make once they finally kissed.


The next day, Maaya innocently asked Tezuka why he thinks people kiss. She told him how she’s a simpleton so just being with the person she loves is enough to make her happy so she doesn’t really get why people want to kiss. Tezuka told her that stuff like that isn’t something to overthink because people just do it by impulse especially when their feelings overflow and words aren’t enough to express them. He also joked about having him as her kissing partner and then kicked her out of the classroom to grab some trash bags.

Plans for the Cultural Festival

Maaya was thinking about what Tezuka told her about acting by “impulse” when she saw Chigi in the hallway. She startled him and felt bad about it but Chigi said he was just caught off guard since it was the first time Maaya acted that way and he actually hoped she’d be more playful around her.

She then found out that Chigi’s class is doing a crossdressing cafe but Chigi’s gonna work in the kitchen since he didn’t want to crossdress. The girls tried to convince him but he turned them down because he’s not cut out for customer service and he didn’t wanna be the center of attention. He also said he just wants to spend the day strolling around the festival with her as her third wish which Maaya happily obliged.


Back to Tezuka’s side, he was praying for Chigi’s torment that he and Maaya won’t ever kiss for the rest of his life. He seemed to be taking the joke lightly but his expression changed to someone who’s hurt so I guess he’s still not over Maaya yet. Poor Tezuka.

He then wondered what’s Maaya taking so long from her errand when she saw her getting dragged away by some girls so he hurriedly ran to Chigi tell to him what was happening.

The Girl’s Wishes

As for what’s actually happening to Maaya, looks like the girls were just begging for her to convince Chigi to crossdress since he’ll more likely agree if his girlfriend asks him. The girls were Chigi’s classmates and they explained how they were aware that Chigi wouldn’t agree to crossdress so they tried to rig the lottery box so he could draw the “cross-dressing” role but for some reason, their classmate gave the wrong lottery box to Chigi so he ended up drawing the “kitchen staff” role.

They couldn’t convince Chigi to crossdress so they’re hoping Maaya could. They were desperate because they wanted to make the best of their last cultural festival but Maaya told them how they can’t force someone to do something the person doesn’t wanna do. They said they were aware that what they want is selfish but they still begged Maaya to help them.

She was pretty torn since despite knowing Chigi hated it, she herself also wanted to see him crossdressing not to mention she thinks agreeing to the girls’ wishes will help Chigi’s reputation so she ended up accepting their challenge.

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