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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 26 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 26 Cover Page

Chigi to the Rescue

Chigira rushed to Maaya after what Tezuka told him but the girls were already done talking and it was just Maaya in the room. The girls asked Maaya to keep their request a secret so Maaya told Chigi that she was just talking with her friends which made Chigi feel relieved. The expressions he made got Maaya thinking how despite Chigi being a strong person, she can’t help but think about how he sometimes looks as fragile as glass.

Locked Out Trope

Class was almost starting when they realized that they got locked out. They tried to ask for help but everyone was already in their respective classrooms and the hallway was empty so they decided to just wait till class is over to get out. Thanks to that, Chigi had an opportunity to do more of the things he wanted them to do; i.e. just stick next to her. He also wanted to know how far Maaya will allow him to go considering they’re now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Looks like her neck was okay, her tummy is okay, and even her legs! (But looks like that’s the farthest he could get right now.) He understood his limit and reminded her that he doesn’t wanna put pressure on her so he’ll keep himself in check. That reminded Maaya of what Chigi told her on his birthday about how he wants her to quickly get used to him and his touches. She was touched by how he was not forcing her to go along with him but instead helping her match his pace.

He kept pinching her legs and teasing her. He let go after and apologized for being too touchy when Maaya assured him that she was okay with him doing that. HAHAHA, they are so cute!!

Cross-Dressing Plan

Maaya is very aware that Chigi doesn’t want to cross-dress or be the center of attention so she feels bad about accepting the girls’ request. She also knew that this kind of thing will keep happening (people asking her for requests about Chigi) even in the future considering she’s his girlfriend. In any case, she just took it as a challenge to overcome as HIS girlfriend!

Maaya remembered the time Chigi told her to rely on him more but she knows she can’t do that if it was something Chigi himself didn’t wanna do. In a way, it made her wonder how far will Chigi go along with her antics. She can’t exactly directly tell him to agree to the cross-dressing since he might see him in a different (and wrong) light so she thought of plans to make him interested in cross-dressing since what he wants matters the most.

The first plan she thought of was to play with his hair so if he looks cute in pigtails, she’ll ask him to try wearing a wig, then put on the cross-dress for his class. Too bad it looked funny on him and even Maaya was confused why it looked different from how she imagined.

The second plan was she mentioned a beautiful youtuber who was actually a man and was only using some camera filter to look like a woman. She made Chigi try the filter out in the hopes that he’d get interested in makeup but the filter only made him look like some alien.

She tried a lot more stuff but nothing seems to be working out which put a lot of pressure on her not to mention one of Chigi’s classmates even gave her some treats since they know she was doing her best to convince Chigi. Chigira saw Maaya talking to that girl and also saw the change in her expression so he asked her if something was eating her but she just told him she was okay so Chigi didn’t press more about it. Maaya stopped him and mentioned how the girls in his class are really stoked about him cross-dressing and if he could just try it out but Chigi shot her down which made Maaya realize that it was really gonna be impossible to convince him.

Cultural Festival

The days passed with no improvements in her plan and it was finally the day of their cultural festival. The whole cross-dressing thing has been stressing her out, she didn’t sleep enough or even ate before going to school.

She went straight to Chigi’s class to ask the girls for more time for her to convince Chigi but even the girls have accepted the fact that he’ll never agree to it. Maaya then rushed out to look for Chigi but she passed out before she could even tell him anything.

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