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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 27 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 27 Cover Page

Adult Advice

The chapter started with Maaya finally awake in the nurse’s office. The nurse checked on her condition, then asked Maaya if she was worried about something related to Chigira. Maaya opened up to her and said she was wondering how far her boyfriend will go along with her selfishness because she doesn’t want to hurt him and be hated by him.

The nurse straight-up told her that things like that are better asked directly and if it’s something that cannot be fixed once it fails, then that just means their bond wasn’t enough to fix things. She also told Maaya how everyone goes through that experience and even asked her if she thinks her boyfriend is the narrow-minded type of person for her to worry this much.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

As for Chigi’s class, everyone was bummed because their classroom was a flop considering Chigi didn’t cross-dress. The girls’ heard about Maaya collapsing so they all felt bad and figured it was their fault for asking an impossible request from her which Chigi overheard.

Maaya’s now all better when she bumped into Chigi in the hallway. He apologized to her regarding his classmates’ request but Maaya cut him off by telling Chigi that there was nothing for him to apologize about since she was aware that she could’ve turned the request down considering she knew Chigi didn’t want to do it.

She also shared about how she thinks she’s nothing special so having someone ask her for a request got her head above the clouds and becoming his girlfriend got her in some high spirits. She said she made her resolve regarding “various stuff” the moment she became his girlfriend so there’s nothing for Chigi to worry about her.

Chigi, on the other hand, said normal couples aren’t supposed to be making resolves about “that various stuff” so he’s worried about Maaya getting into some trouble about him since they’re dating. Maaya felt bad for making him worry so she reassured him by saying worrying and going into troubles related to Chigi actually makes her happy. You could say it’s more like the fact that she’s involved with his business means she has a huge role in him thus she likes getting into troubles related to him.

She then explained that she only passed out because she wasn’t able to take care of herself and the fact that Chigi was there to lend her a hand when she passed out makes her relieved, then Chigi laughed. After that, Maaya finally told her that she actually wants to see him cross-dress not because of his classmates but because she REALLY wants to see it. Our homeboy being a simp, of course, cross-dressed for Maaya HAHA.

Tomb of the Chrysanthemum

The day is finally over. The shop in Chigi’s class was a success and our couple had some time to roam around the festival. Everyone is already cleaning up when Maaya was looking at the leftover bookmarks. She saw one of the bookmarks and remembered the quote written which was from the “Tomb of the Chrysanthemum” book.

She reread the page where the quote was and understood that it was the scene where the main character confessed to his love interest. From that, she remembered that similar line when Chigira told her before about how she was like a chrysanthemum thus finally realizing that Chigira actually confessed to him back then.

Moved Emotions

Maaya went straight to Chigi’s class and saw him icing his feet from wearing heels. She apologized for asking such a selfish request but Chigi cut him off and said it was he who still agreed to it since he wants to get even closer to her heart. He opened up about how he always worries about how far will Maaya accept him which is actually the same thing Maaya was worrying about. Maaya told him she worries about the same thing which Chigi replied with a smile.

The thought that they were worried about the same thing made Maaya feel even closer to him and she doesn’t know what to do with her feelings so she asked him to hug her. She mentioned the bookmark quote she saw earlier and how that was the confession scene from “Tomb of the Chrysanthemum” which Chigi confirmed was correct. Maaya apologized for only realizing Chigi’s confession from back then.

She also told Chigi about her feelings currently exploding and that she doesn’t know how to calm them down. She thinks hugging isn’t enough so Chigi offered to do a “pretend kiss” but she said they don’t need to do that anymore, and so THEY FINALLY KISSED!!

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