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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 28 Summary

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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 28 Cover Page

First Kiss

I’m really happy our couple finally have their first kiss! Maaya was still on cloud nine relieving their kiss. It made her wonder why she was so scared of doing it before when it felt still, gentle, and warm.

It then showed a flashback of after their kiss where Chigi said Maaya’s lips were super soft, it was the best. LOL SO MUCH FOR 2ND HAND EMBARRASSMENT! It was almost time for the festival’s closing ceremony so Maaya had to go back to her classroom (despite not wanting to) when Chigi stopped her and said he doesn’t wanna let her go. Maaya also honestly told him that she doesn’t wanna go so they were gonna kiss for the 2nd time but got interrupted by some laughing in the hallway. They still were still all over each other when Chigi hugged her and say he just wants to take him home, and our homegirl replied that she also feels the same way and wants to take him home, then Chigi said okay LOLOL.

That kiss really awakened something inside Maaya because now she misses him so much even though they just saw each other at school. Meanwhile, we got some fanservice of Chigi SHOWERING while also spacing out from the kiss.

Back to Normal Classes

Class is back to normal but there sure is something different about our couple. They both blush at each other too much! It’s giving me diabetes!! Anyway, Chigi gave Maaya his current month’s training schedule so they won’t have much time to hang around in the meantime.

Tezuka also noticed something different in Maaya so he tried to ask her but changed his mind after since he was aware it was none of his business. He even asked himself how long he’s gonna mope about his feelings over Maaya considering he got over his previous crush pretty quickly.

Meeting Chigi’s Family

Despite Chigi’s busy schedule, he still made time to hang out with her after school where they bumped into Chigi’s mom and sister. Ren was pretty shy at first but the girls hit it off when Ren asked Maaya about weaving. She also confirmed if Maaya was really her brother’s girlfriend, then shared that she wanted a little sister but her mom specifically said “I’m tired already so how about you ask your brother and Maaya to give you one”.

It made Chigi choke on his drink, and honestly, even I did! Maaya then told Ren that she understands how Ren feels since Maaya is also an only child and that she even writes the same wish to Santa and also Tanabata festival. She even shared that because of that, she swore to herself that she’ll give birth to 10 kids once she gets married. It got Chigi and me choking on our drink the 2nd time HAHA

Before Chigi’s mom came back and got Ren, Ren asked Maaya if she knew Tezuka. She shared about how Tezuka used to visit Chigi’s house and hang out with Ren so she misses him. After they left, Maaya thought about what Ren said about missing Tezuka since she also wants the boys to get along again.

Amidst her thoughts, Chigi asked her if she could keep her birthday open because he wants to celebrate it with her while eating cake. Maaya happily said yes, but got sad when it was finally time for Chigi to go to his club activities.

They were attempting a 2nd kiss but got interrupted by a random kid HAHA. It made Maaya wonder where exactly couples kiss because they can’t seem to get the right timing but Chigi just settled for their keychains kissing this time. So innocent!!

New Character?

Maaya was on her way home when she helped a girl pick up her coins. The girl recognized her uniform and asked if Maaya knew a “Zukacchi” more specifically “Tezuka Souma” so Maaya told her that he was her classmate. The girl told her that she went to the same junior high as Tezuka but they lost contact after graduation so she asked Maaya if she could give her contact info to Tezuka.

Maaya told Tezuka about the girl the next day. She forgot to ask the girl’s name but when she said the girl called him “Zukacchi”, Tezuka got serious and told Maaya to ignore the girl if she ever meets her again. It turns out that Tezuka used to like that girl and Chigi took her away from him so now Maaya thinks she was Chigira’s ex.

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