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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 29 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 29 Cover Page

Maaya couldn’t get the idea that the girl she met was Chigira’s “ex” off her mind. She thought it wasn’t anything surprising or something to be depressed about, but she still couldn’t help but worry.

Tezuka is also intrigued as to why Fukumori (the girl who approached Maaya) is trying to reconnect with him.

Maaya tried to keep herself busy to avoid overthinking about Chigi’s “ex”. Chigi on the other hand is just as sweet as usual as he was at the library specifically for Maaya.

Maaya was marveling at Chigi’s sleeping face when she randomly imagined Chigi’s ex watching him asleep.

She knows she could just directly ask Chigira about the girl but she’s scared of knowing the truth especially when she thinks about how the girl might’ve approached her on purpose because she wants to get back together with Chigi.

The idea made Maaya cry and Chigi saw her right after waking up and tried to console her without even knowing what was actually happening. Maaya kept convincing herself that Chigi won’t ever leave her but she still feels down about everything so she tried to ask Chigi to do one of his “to-do lists”

He said he wanted Maaya to touch her so Maaya patted him all over the place but Chigi said he meant “to touch him the way he wants”. He held Maaya’s hand and showed her how by putting her hand on his face and chest. He said he wants to be touched just like how he touched Maaya so he gave more examples by caressing Maaya’s face down to her nape which made Maaya blush.

Chigi was caught off-guard by her reaction so he stopped before he couldn’t anymore but Maaya didn’t even get what he meant by it haha.

The idea of touching Chigi the way he wants to be touched lived rent-free in Maaya’s head. She tried figuring it out but it only went haywire since she thought about the idea that his ex probably knows and is good at touching Chigira.

Maaya’s busy overthinking about Chigi’s ex while Chigi himself is also worried about Maaya getting stolen from him. Not only did Tezuka like her, Chigi even overheard some other boys talking about how cute Maaya was even when she was in the band club in junior high. The guy said he would’ve shot his shot if only Maaya wasn’t dating Chigira.

Maaya saw Fukumori again on the way to her cram school. Fukumori said she was waiting for Maaya to confirm if she was able to give her contact details to Tezuka. Maaya tried to dodge the subject but Fukumori asked her if she knows Chigira so she said she did since Chigi was popular.

Fukumori told stories about how Chigi was already amazing even in junior high:

  • Almost all the girls in their school confessed to him.
  • He had a fan club
  • Someone would always leave a lunch box on his desk for him to eat.
  • His desk is full of chocolates on Valentine’s day.
  • A lot of girls got scolded by their teacher for sneaking into Chigi’s room during camping school trips.

She also asked Maaya if Chigira’s dating anyone right now but she made an excuse that she doesn’t like talking about people and then left.

Tezuka asked Maaya if Fukumori tried to approach her again so she explained what happened on her way to cram school. He told Maaya to keep Fukumori a secret from Chigi since he doesn’t want him to get involved in the mess and that he’d help take care of Fukumori.

Maaya was full of anxiety so she tried calling Chigi to hear his voice until she ended up spamming missed calls on him. Chigi called him back after his training and even offered to visit her but she thought about how late it was already so she said no.

As for Fukumori, it appears that she really is trying to ask for help to meet up with Chigira since she likes him since junior high.

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