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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 30 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 30 Cover Page

Maaya made lunch for Chigi so she felt fulfilled when Chigi said it was the best lunch box he’s ever had. Now that the topic was brought up, she tried asking how many lunch boxes he had eaten before, plus the number of chocolates he has received during valentines, if he gave anything in return for those, and if he has interacted with girls from his fans club.

Chigi, on the other hand, asked her what she wants for her birthday. She thought of material things for a moment there but she told him she wants something Chigira had never given anyone yet (and esp not to his ex). Maaya also asked if she could hear stories from when Chigi was in junior high but he said he doesn’t really remember any from back then.

He asked why she was curious about his junior high years. She said she just wants to know how he was in the past since all she knows was how he looked from his yearbook. He said he’ll tell her stories once he remembers anything and then also ask her about how she was in junior high.

Maaya said she joined a lot of committees and cram school. She also ate melon bread all the time. Chigi then asked if she was ever in the band club which Maaya confirmed and even said she played the flute. She asked how Chigi knew about her being part of the band club but he avoided the question and invited her to nap next to him.

It was tempting, but Maaya turned him down since everyone was staring at them with eyes full of envy lol. She did admit that she really wants to roll around and hug him if she could so maybe they could do that a lot on her birthday which caught Chigi off-guard.

The uneasy feeling was still deep inside Maaya despite the happiness she feels. She couldn’t help but compare herself to Fukumori and as she question that feeling, her friend told her that what she feels is jealousy. Her friend explained that it’s only normal to be curious about her boyfriend’s past and that it’s impossible not to be jealous of someone unless you have a lot of confidence in yourself. She also added that people get jealous because you genuinely love someone.

On the other hand, Chigi went to Tezuka for help in remembering any stories he had back in junior high since he barely remember anything back then. Tezuka figured Maaya requested it. Tezuka joked and said to check for their old school logs instead of asking him for help. Chigi told him that he was the only one who knew him the most in junior high since the only moments he remembers were when he was with him which touched Tezuka.

In the end, Tezuka turned his favor down by saying he couldn’t help Chigi since Chigi doesn’t have anything to give in return for the favor.

Tezuka ambushed Fukumori at the cram school where she got excited after seeing him. Tezuka ignored her friendliness and went straight to the point of asking why she was suddenly reaching out to him. He also asked if she was trying to use Maaya to get closer to Chigira just like how she used him in the past.

Based on Tezuka’s story, Fukumori kept approaching him. She brought up how he and Chigi were close but he ignored the sign since he already had the impression that Fukumori likes him. She did ask Tezuka to help her get to Chigi so he introduced her to him but there were times when she asks him to go home with her even when he was with Chigi.

He planned on confessing to her but he saw her confess to Chigira. Even Chigira thought Fukumori was dating Tezuka but she explained that Tezuka was only helping her even though she never explicitly asked for his help.

Chigira still turned her down, but Tezuka couldn’t accept the fact that the girl he liked used him to get closer to Chigira.

He also confronted Fukumori about her confession to Chigira but she assumed he heard it from rumors so she told him that she still won’t give up on Chigi so Tezuka should keep helping her out. It hurt Tezuka so he stopped talking to her and even avoided her but his actions only made him hate himself more since he seemed more like the bad guy.

He couldn’t handle the self-loathing so he put the blame on Chigira.

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