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Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 32 Summary

Na No Ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru Chapter 32 Cover Page

Maaya tried processing the news that Chigi booked a hotel room to celebrate her birthday. Being as innocent as she is, she took it positively since she was touched that Chigi made some preparation for her birthday.

The room was decorated with balloons, banners, and petals on the bed. There was even a huge bathroom that overlooks the city (even Mt Fuji) so Maaya got too excited and said the view makes her wanna use the tub. Chigi took that as an invitation and then asked if she wanna use it together as he started taking his top off but Maaya explained that what she said was just a figure of speech.

She said they can at least dip their feet in it but she turned the wrong faucet by mistake so they both got drenched from the shower. Luckily, they were able to ask the hotel staff to dry their clothes so they had to wear robes in the meantime.

They finally celebrated Maaya’s birthday with cakes, chocolates, and other snacks Chigi prepared. Maaya was worried that Chigi spent a lot of money on the room but he said he got some discounts and also earned some money working part-time. He apologized for lying about the extended training he told her since he wanted to keep his part-time a secret as part of the birthday surprise.

Maaya cried because she was touched by Chigi’s action and because she felt bad that the whole time Chigi was working hard for her, she was busy getting jealous over an imaginary ex.

Chigi tried to cheer her up and told her that he wanted to make Maaya happy the whole day. Maaya went along with Chigi’s antics (looking goofy and sharing potato chips) and told herself not to be sad since Chigi was putting effort into making her happy.

Chigi asked Maaya if she has any wishes for her 17th birthday but Tezuka sent her a message before she could answer Chigi.

Tezuka sent a video to tell her stories about Chigi back in junior high since it was too long to type as a message:

  • He couldn’t remember any views/sceneries from their school trip because he was busy shooing girls that were surrounding Chigi.
  • There was a stray cat in school that won’t leave Chigi’s lap so there was almost a fight between people who wanted to adopt that particular cat.
  • There was a time Chigi started a sneaker trend
  • One time, 50 people joined their club when Chigi gave the recruitment speech for the freshmen.
  • There was also a time when all the girls fought over who gets to be Chigi’s partner during gym folk dance so Chigi always end up pairing up with their teacher.
  • Tezuka also shared how Chigi always gets confessed to every 2 days, and he always shows up when a girl asks to meet up for a confession.

Tezuka said Chigi may look aloof but he’s serious and sincere with his actions. He said Chigi wasn’t even sociable but he helps his club members when they were hurt, cheers Tezuka up when he was depressed, and there were even times when he wants to stick around to him like a cat. He even added that Chigi looks so cute more than anyone when he smiles. He said Chigira will be forever cool.

Tezuka finally came back to his senses and told Maaya to never tell Chigi all the things that he said. Too bad Chigi already saw everything lol. Maaya tried to ask Chigi to keep the fact that he saw the clip a secret from Tezuka but Chigi only leaned on her quietly. She could tell that Chigi was very happy and she prayed that the two would finally make up.

Maaya then told Chigi about the whole Fukumori incident and the jealousy she felt. She acknowledged her lack of confidence so her 17th birthday wish was to gain more confidence so that she wouldn’t feel hopeless even if Chigi’s real ex shows up.

Chigi tried to say something about exes (maybe either to tell her he doesn’t have one or maybe he does) but Maaya stopped him from saying anything more about it.

Chigi changed the subject and also expressed how he was also jealous of the guys Maaya has liked before, how he wants to see her play the flute and be the only one in Maaya’s heart.

He said those were the reasons why he planned the birthday gift in a way that it’d be the best birthday Maaya has ever had. Maaya assured Chigi that he’ll be the only one in her heart forever and as they were about to kiss, Chigi stopped because Maaya’s bra was showing from the robe.

Maaya fixed her robe but showed up acting drunk due to the chocolates she ate earlier. Chigi apologized for buying the chocolates without knowing they had alcohol in them but Maaya was over the moon from being drunk.

Maaya was acting all giddy and invited Chigi onto the bed. She said she looked up stuff about the whole “getting touched the way he wants” so they should continue where they left off but Chigi turned her down nicely since she was drunk. Maaya was too insistent so Chigi ask if she really understood what “getting touched the way he wants” and “continuing where they left off” meant but looks like Maaya still doesn’t get it.

Chigi tried to calm and sober her down but Maaya assured him she was fine. Chigi on the other hand told her she wasn’t so he rolled her like a burrito and told her to stop getting out of hand before he loses himself unless she’s prepared to accept whatever happens.

Maaya panicked while trying to understand what “losing himself” meant and how she feels like she could do anything at the moment (thanks to the alcohol) so she told Chigi she can handle him. Chigi still gave her a hard no then Maaya finally calmed down and fell asleep.

Chigi tried to wake her up since they still need to celebrate her birthday and cuddle the whole day but Maaya was still out of it. He grabbed the ring he bought which was something he has never given anyone before just as Maaya requested, put it on Maaya’s ring finger, then greeted her a happy birthday followed by a kiss.

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