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Nakayoshi Issue 11/2021

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Cover of Nakayoshi Issue No. 11 / 2021

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card” by Clamp is on the cover of Nakayoshi Issue 11/2021.

This is the sequel to Card Captor Sakura.

New series announcement

Itsuwari-Hime no Naisho goto by Amekawa Touko and Sakura Megu – After the death of her mother, Rito absorbed herself in acting. One night, she was kidnapped by a shady and handsome young man named Souen, who is studying to be an actor at the best theater in Rinsui. When she woke up, she finds herself in front of the Emperor. Souen orders Rito to “continue acting in front of the emperor as a substitute for the dead princess”?!

Volume Release Announcements

Three series from Nakayoshi will release a new volume on October 13, 2021.

  • Card Captor Sakura Clear Card by Clamp Volume 11
  • Chouka-han ka – Gokudou-sama Afurete Afurete Naka Setai by Toriumi Pedoro Volume 05
  • Vampire Dormitory by Tooyama Ema Volume 08

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Bokura wa Mada Aoi Oneshot

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Chapter 56

Chihiro-kun wa, Atashi Holic. Chapter 25 Continuation

Chouka-han ka – Gokudou-sama Afurete Afurete Naka Setai Chapter 25

Daa! Daa! Daa! Chapter 01 (Rerun)

Douse, Koi Shite Shimaunda Chapter 12

Kami Tsukanaide, Kiss Shite yo Chapter 04

Ouji ga Watashi o Akiramenai! Chapter 65

Pichi Pichi Pitch Aqua Chapter 03

Ping Pong Drive Chapter 01 (Rerun)

Secret Cinderella Chapter 1 (Rerun)

Shinkon Dakedo Kataomoi Chapter 14

Tokyo Mewmew Ore! Chapter 22

Tonegawa Ririka no Laboratory Chapter 02 (Rerun)

Tropical Rogue Precure Chapter 08

Unrivaled Naomi Tenka-ichi Chapter 10

Wake Wakannai Kimi ga Suki Chapter 01

Watashi Dake no Aoi-kun Oneshot

You can get a copy of Nakayoshi 11 2021 on Amazon and Bookwalker from the link below.


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