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Ojou to Banken-kun Chapter 23 Summary

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Ojou to Banken-kun Chapter 23 Cover Page

The chapter started where chapter 22 stopped, which is when Isaku met Kaori in the hopes that she can talk to someone about her feelings for Keiya. First off, Isaku wanted to know and clarify if Kaori and Keiya are dating or not. Kaori straight off told her they never dated, although they were in a friends-with-benefits setup. Shocking! (Not really, HAHAHA)

Kaori then shared the story from when she and Keiya first met around 6 years ago. Kaori still wasn’t a shop owner back then and is working as a hostess at a long-established bar. She told her how Keiya was already popular despite just being introduced to the bar at that night. And even thought the girls are all over him, he still didn’t entertain anyone back then. (Probably because his standards was high LOL) They first talked to each other when Kaori took a break and saw Keiya smoking at the alley where they share a smoke together.

These two are pretty smooth with each other. They just shared a cigarette then after that they shared a bed together HAHAHA. Kaori noticed Keiya’s phone wallpaper which was a kid’s drawing. Keiya then proudly told her that it was Isaku’s drawing of him, which Kaori asked if “Isaku” is the “granddaughter” of the head of the yakuza.

Kaori joked about how hard it’s probably for Keiya to act as some kind of dad but Keiya immediately corrected her. He said he said he’s Isaku’s dad, mom, sibling, and even a friend. That he is Isaku’s everything in her world and of course, Isaku is also everything in his world. Keiya talking pretty deep. Also, can you see those damn abs?? GOSH.

After the flashback, Kaori gave Isaku a pep talk. She told Isaku how Keiya has always been over protective but she should know that there’s more reason as to why he’s still overprotective of her even up until now. Isaku made it sound like she understands what Kaori’s telling her but at the same time, she also told her that she doesn’t have the resolve to be Keiya’s girlfriend.

Kaori then explained that if Isaku’s not confident because Keiya’s part of yakuza, then she should also be aware than even she’s not just an ordinary person, herself. I mean, she’s a freaking granddaughter of a head of a yakuza. That she should be used to this kind of lifestyle since she’s even seen Keiya during bad times (like when his life’s in danger and stuff). And that even with that, Isaku still wants to be with Keiya. With that, it’s obvious what her answer should be. Even Kaori told her that HAHA.

They parted ways after that talk. Kaori remembered what they were talking about just earlier and made a personal comment that she doesn’t think that even Keiya will even let them be apart if ever that’s what Isaku wants. Clingy alert!! Isaku also realized after their talk, that she really just wanted someone to give her a push so she can do what she wants. And so, Isaku went to Keiya’s doorway that night. Do you think the next chapter will be a snu snu time? HAHAHA

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