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Shoujo Review: Na no ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru

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Title: Na no ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru (And Yet, You are So Sweet)

Author: Kujira Anan

Year: 2017

Status: 5 Volumes (Ongoing)

Licensed: Yes (4 Volumes)

Genre: Romance, School life


Maaya Kisaragi, 16 years old, finally confessed to her crush…only to be flatly rejected and ridiculed on social media after. To make matters worse, the most popular guy in her grade, Chigira-kun, overheard her despondent muttering about the whole thing. But instead of making fun of her, he comforts her…and proposes an odd solution to her heartbreak!

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This series really lives up to its literal title “And yet, Chigira-kun is so sweet“, because he is literally the sweetest!! I kept seeing this on my feed but I never got the chance to read it before since I used to avoid reading ongoing series until last year.

I had mixed feelings when I read this but not because there was drama or frustrating moments. It’s because I had been ignoring this cute story for years! The good thing is it was on volume 04 when I started reading, so I was able to binge-read.

I remember it was midnight and I was just trying to look for short series to read when I decided to finally read this. I didn’t think I’d get invested with it since I prefer stories with actual plots compared to stories with just plain flirting moments, but boy I was wrong! We have here Maaya who just had her heart broken by some guy she had a crush on but that experience became the chance for her to personally meet the popular yet aloof Chigira-kun.

I’m not even sure if we can call Chigira-kun aloof since he’s not technically a snob, but it is hard to talk to him and he doesn’t look like he has friends LOL. Anyway! He accidentally heard her rant about her broken heart by herself at the library, but he let her vent and consoled her instead of making fun of her views on things. Isn’t he sweet?!

(C) Kujira Anan / Kodansha Ltd.

After that, Maaya slowly started to take notice of him and he really looks after her. Contrary to his “don’t care about the world” attitude and that’s the best part about him! I’m talking about that gap, right there! He looks like he doesn’t care about things, but then he’d surprise Maaya with his unexpected sweet and encouraging words. Like, he literally told her she could just like him (or pretend to like him) if she’s just gonna force herself to look for someone new she would like. Maaya accepted his proposal because she thinks she won’t fall for him considering he’s way out of her league. Thus, the start of their fluffy fun game/mission.

(C) Kujira Anan / Kodansha Ltd.

To cut this short, whether you like fluff or angst, I’m sure you won’t get enough of this couple! It’ll leave you with pure envy and fluffiness in your heart!! And you’ll definitely want to read more of them!!!

This is released monthly by Dessert Magazine. Volume 05 is now available in Japan, so it’ll only be a matter of time before it also gets released in English. You can read my spoilers/updates for Chapters 17 onwards on the button below!

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