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Shoujo Review: Ojou to Banken-kun


Title: Ojou to Banken-kun (A Girl & Her Guard Dog)

Author: Hatsuharu

Year: 2018

Status: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)

Licensed: Yes (5 Volumes)

Genre: Age-gap, Comedy, Romance, School life, Yakuza


Isaku never asked to be the daughter of a yakuza boss, but when her parents died in a car accident when she was 5, her gangster grandfather took her in and raised her as part of the clan. After years of being avoided by her schoolmates because of her family ties, Isaku is finally ready to make her high-school debut, live a normal life, and maybe even find love…until loyal family servant and Isaku’s dedicated guardian, 26-year-old Keiya, enters high school right alongside her and vows to protect her from all of the above! Now she’s got a chain-smoking, pistol-wielding knight-in-shining(?)-armor to deal with, and navigating high school besides? What’s a young lady to do?!

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I’m personally a really big fan of age-gap and yakuza series so of course, it was only a matter of time before I started reading this. You would think this manga is serious given how pretty and angsty the covers are but nuh-uh! This is just full on comedy for me. HAHA.

The story starts with Isaku, our FL, walking in a mansion and getting greeted by two scary looking guys. I’m not here to judge but the earrings and tattoo wanted to give that kind of impression here. LOL.


From here on, Isaku explained her life living as the granddaughter of the head of the Senagaki yakuza. Her parents died from a car accident when she was still five so her grandfather is her only relative. Isaku is now in high school and chose a far one because it’s hard having friends when people around her judge her family as someone scary and dangerous. They’re not wrong about the “dangerous” part, though. I mean, we’re talking about the yakuza here, so their life is probably filled with guns and crimes.

Enter Keiya – Isaku’s personal bodyguard. He’s 10 years older than Isaku, and was her acting parent and brother while she was growing up. He’s happy and proud that she’s now in high school, but also troubled by the fact that Isaku wants to live her life and fall in love like a normal person. Because she knows nothing good will happen if she keeps her little one-sided crush to someone from the Yakuza. Personally, I think living with yakuza isn’t such a bad thing if you’re living with someone as handsome as Keiya, amirite? Haha

Do you guys think Keiya would agree to her decision to go to a far away school? Didn’t think so, because lo and behold, our freaking ML just bribed the school to accept him as a high school student. HAHAHA. I told you guys this is comedy. He’s really over protective of her since he doesn’t trust anyone, especially boys!


I would say this series is pretty different from the usual age-gap stories for two reasons. First, we get to see a lot of school life scenes and interactions since even with the age difference, Keiya is living his double life as a student and yakuza. Second, Keiya is treated as a student here, so they can enjoy their school life together. Which is a different case if this story was about student-teacher. Still, keep in mind that this guard dog is crazy, and would even kill just to protect her lady. I swear, this ML has some serious plot armor to be able to get away with all of these craziness LOL.

Overall, this manga has a good mix of action, comedy, and romance, so you’ll definitely have fun reading it. Plus, Keiya is enough of a reason for me to keep reading this one HAHAH. Do you think what Keiya did is unfair to Isaku? Tell us what you think on the comments below!

Betsufure Magazine updates this story every month. It is now at Volume 06 in Japan, and it’ll only be a matter of time before it gets available in English. You can read my spoilers/summary for Chapters 23 onwards on the button below!

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