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Sho-comi Issue No. 21 2021

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Cover of Sho-comi Issue No. 21 / 2021

Kyuuso no Chigiri” by Shiraishi Yuki is on the cover of Sho-comi issue No. 21 2021.

A fantasy romance about an aristocratic young man from the top caste of foxes who saved a rat girl from the bottom caste. And this girl is hiding a big secret that would shake the world…

New series announcement

New Series Announcement
  • Zettai ni Te o Hanashite wa Ikenai! by Tachibana Nojimi – A story about a figure skater pair who has one-sided feelings with each other.
  • Hijiri-kun wa Kyou mo Suki Nanoni by Kimido Rio – After years of having unrequited love, the two of them has finally become a couple.

No Volume Release Announcement

Chapter Released for Each Series:

Amayakashite ne Neko Dakara Chapter 11

Chocolate Vampire Chapter 107

Hanayome to Bodyguard Chapter 17

Isekai Maou wa Fujoshi o Zettai Nigasanai Chapter 30

Jingi Naki Mukotori Chapter 38

Kono Koi wa Fusei Login Nanode! Chapter 15

Kyou de Otouto Yameru Kara Chapter 03

Oshi no Symmetry Chapter 10

Kyuso no Chigiri by Shiraishi Yuki Chapter 36

Seishun Heavy Rotation Chapter 36

Soredemo Tsukishima-sensei wa Gaman Shinai Chapter 04

Tsugi wa Ii yo ne, Senpai Chapter 07

VeasT!! -P to Yajuu- Final Chapter

Z Zetta! Oneshot

You can get a copy of Sho-comi No. 21 2021 on Amazon and Bookwalker from the link below.


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