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Bessatsu Comics Issue 02/2022

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“Cold Game” by Izumi Kaneyoshi is on the cover of Betsucomi Issue 02/2022. No New series announced Volume Release Announcements Two series from Betsucomi have new volumes released this January 2022. Daifuku-chan to Ouji-sama by Chiba Kozue Volume 02 Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai by Fujisawa Shizuki Volume 10 Chapter Released for Each Series: 16 + 12 Chapter 02 Am 8 02… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 02/2022

Bessatsu Comics Issue 01/2022

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“Onzoushi no Narabu Mise” by Usami Maki is on the cover of Betsucomi Issue 01/2022. New series announcement Sekai de Ichiban Aishiteru by Miyase Mari (Short Story) – A trendy love born from social media. Volume Release Announcements Four series from Betsucomi have new volumes released last December 24, 2021. Ai to Kemono to Juusai to by Chiyori Volume 03 Kameba Kamu Hodo… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 01/2022

Bessatsu Comics Issue 12/2021

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“Cold Game” by Izumi Kaneyoshi is on the cover of Betsucomi Issue 12/2021. New series announcement Urameshi Joshi wa Koi Nado Shinai by Tamura Kotoyu (Reserialized) 16 + 12 -Nijuuhachi- by Harada Yui – There’s another me who’s been living for 17 years inside of me… My feelings for the boy I’ve been watching over since that time are now turning into… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 12/2021

Bessatsu Comics Issue 11/2021

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“Kameba Kamu Hodo Amaku Naru” by Hinachi Nao is on the cover of Betsucomi Issue 11/2021. The story revolves around Akari, a high school girl full of curiosity that lives surrounded by her favorite people and things. She leads an exciting life, and thanks to a strange turn of events, she becomes interested in the “Disinterested Prince”, a boy that doesn’t show… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 11/2021

Bessatsu Comics Issue 10/2021

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It’s the “Halloween” cover of Betsucomi Issue 10/2021. New series announcement Seishun no Hekireki by Yasuko – Is there something wrong with me for not having my heart pound when it comes to heart-throbbing topics like most girls do? Throw away your “normal” conception about love! That might awaken your true nature! Volume Release Announcements One series from Betsucomi will release a new volume on… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 10/2021

Bessatsu Comics Issue 09/2021

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“Queen’s Quality” by Motomi Kyousuke is on the cover of Betsucomi issue 9/2021. This series is the continuation of the mangaka’s previous work- QQ Sweeper. The story is about Fumi who now lives with Kyuutaro who works as a sweeper (Those who clean the heart and mind of people with negative energy and harmful spirits). New Serializations Next Issue: Kemono… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 09/2021