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Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Drama CD and Wallpapers

Have you ever had a moment when you really love a series, you keep hoping it gets adapted to an anime? Have you ever been attached to the characters, you already have voice actors in mind that could fit them? Well, same here.


Over the years of reading manga, I’ve already noticed most of the formulas that make a series adaptable in anime, live-action movies, and drama CDs. Obviously, number one would be its popularity but let’s face it. Shoujo can never be as popular as shounen. It’ll never bring as much money as shounen titles could (even merchandise-wise) which is why we [shoujo manga fans] are just stuck with manga.

I guess we get consolation in terms of live-action adaptations but who are we kidding. Live-action is mostly cringed, it’s just so hard to get used to Japanese acting. And while shoujo does get live actions, most adaptations are still taken from josei mangas since there’s more touch of reality (Office romances LOL).

Aside from popularity, opinions are also considered. Let’s be real, do you think the Tsuiraku series won’t get judged if the story starts by having a female lead wanting to jump off the building over a broken heart? (People still don’t know the character’s back story from this point.) And don’t get me started with a sly TEACHER male lead who the “snowflakes” will insist he’s grooming the female lead. Seriously, a lot of people mistake this as a creepy, unethical story when honestly, I think this is one of the most wholesome series I’ve read. It literally made me appreciate life more.

Drama CD

Rants aside, we may not get a lot of anime or even live-action adaptations, but believe it or not, a lot of shoujo titles have drama CDs. They’re either made in order to promote a slowly booming series, or they’re made to finally fulfill the fan’s wish since the series has been really popular for a long period of time now.

We’re one of those lucky fans because the Tsuiraku series actually has a drama CD!! It has 2 Drama CDs in total, four parts each. The first CD was released last July 20, 2019 (It was included in the “Hana to Yume Issue 16 2019” magazine). It covered chapters 01, 02, 08, and the extra chapter from volume 05. The second CD was released last March 18. 2020 (Included in the “Hana to Yume Issue 8 2020” magazine). This time, it covered the “Sports Day” arc which is chapters 22, 23, 24, and 25.

I’m sure the majority of us already have a specific VA in mind that perfectly matches Sensei and thank God because he listened to our prayer!! The voice actors of Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Drama CD are:

  • Yuichi Nakamura as Haiba Jin
  • Sora Amamiya as Ochiai Mikoto
  • Kouki Uchiyama as Takamine Kazuma
  • Akari Kitou as Udou Nazuna
  • Ryouta Osaka as Udou Atsuto

Drama CD 1 Track 04

Sadly, the CDs were only available if you bought the physical magazine so they aren’t circulated anymore but you can still find someone selling these CDs at if you get lucky. They’re pretty expensive there though, for a CD that was only a freebie after buying the magazine worth only 400yen (4$) LOL. Still, I’m sure everyone has their own way of finding these for free online but I wanna share my favorite track among the 8 tracks.

This audio is from the extra chapter included in volume 05, so please support Sora-Sensei by buying it so you can see the panels while listening to this. (I’ll add the links where you can buy it below.) No need to worry if you don’t understand what’s happening since I’ll be providing a translation HEHE.

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Drama CD: Extra (C) Mizuki Sora | Hana to Yume | Hakusensha

Haijin: Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Drama CD Extra – Special Lesson


Haijin: Alright, I’d like to hold a special lesson today like usual.

Haijin: Our topic today is, Elite and Good-for-nothin-


Haijin: I’ve been wondering…

Haijin: Do you have the hiccups?

JK: It won’t hic stop.

Haijin: Seriously?

JK: I’m almost at a hundr- hic

JK: Will I die? Am I gonna die?

Haijin: Dying after a hundred hiccups is just an urban legend.


Haijin: Listen, your hiccup is cute. Can I record it?

JK: I’m seriously worried here.

Haijin: I’m serious here, too.

JK: Well, I was hoping you were kidding.


Haijin: What a shame. Looks like this will ruin my plan in turning today’s lesson into a moody lovey-dovey atmosphere.

JK: Our topic is about elites and good-for-nothings, right? I don’t feel even a fragment of mood in that.

Haijin: Well, from what I imagined, our conversation would go into you describing me as a good-for-nothing.

JK: That’s right.

Haijin: Really?

Haijin: Oh well. What I wanna say is…


Haijin: My imperfect life got better… ever since I met you, Honey.


JK: Sorry… I guess I ruined it.

Haijin: You were hiccuping on purpose, weren’t you?

Jk: I can’t control it.


Haijin: How will we start our class now? Have you tried drinking water or holding your breath?

JK: I tried everything, but nothing work…


JK: That reminds me, where’s Kazuma-kun? We might think of something if there are three of us here. He might think of a good idea…

Haijin: I think he’s boycotting. The moment school ended, he…

Kazuma: It’ll be more meaningful to talk to an eraser than attend that lesson.

Haijin: For more information, please refer to the extras at the end of the comics.


JK: What’s our plan? There’s nothing we can do about this.


JK: Isn’t this similar to the torture of having water dripped endlessly on your head?

JK: This is mental torture… I should just stop breathing.

Haijin: Hey, Why are you looking at the window? Are you gonna jump off? You’ve got no wings, y’know?


Haijin: Oh, wanna try a classic way?

JK: Like… surprise me?


Haijin: Alright, I’ll surprise you from behind.

Haijin: Sit here and don’t look.

JK: Why are you telling me?

Haijin: C’mon, just look in front of you.


JK: How are you gonna susprise me?




JK: Hm?

JK: Huh?


JK: Uhh, Sensei-

Haijin: I told you, don’t look.


Haijin: We need to surprise you, right?

Haijin: I’ll do everything I can to startle you.


Haijin: JK,

Haijin: Right now

Haijin: I’m all


JK: What are you doing in school?!

JK: That’s indecent exposure! You’ll get death penatly!!

Haijin: That much?


JK: Huh? Your clothes…

Haijin: What? Did you really think I’d take my clothes off? We’re in school.

JK: I know that’s common sense but it’s you we’re talking about, so…


Haijin: Well, I really will do anything for you.

Haijin: If you really want to…

Haijin: I’ll get naked for you.

JK: No thanks…


Haijin: Look. Your hiccup stopped.

JK: He’s right.


JK: It did. R-Regardless of your way, thank you very-

Haijin: Hic

JK: Huh?

Haijin: Hah, I got your hiccup.

JK: Can hiccups get passed? You’re not doing this on purpose?

Haijin: This is for real!

Haijin: JK, help m- hic


Kazuma: Are they still doing the lesson? I guess it’s over-

Haijin: Do something to stop this. Right now!

JK: What am I supposed to do?!

Kazuma: Oh, looks like they’re still doing it.


Kazuma: Senpai, Haijin. I thought I’d skip, but I changed my mind so I’m here-

Haijin: Get naked for my sake, JK.


Haijin: Takamine! Since when did you-

JK: Kazuma-kun!

Takamine: You good-for-nothing bastard. Go die.


Takamine: Let’s go, Senpai.

JK: Huh? O-Okay!

Haijin: Hey, wait! You’ve got this wrong. This is a misuder- hic


Haijin: After that, it took a whole day before my hiccup stopped.

Did you blush while listening to that? I swear I blushed a lot when Haijin was doing something behind JK HAHA. Yuichi Nakamura doesn’t miss, I’m telling you! He seriously knows when to use his comedic, sly voice, and also knows when to turn his sexy voice on. If you guys aren’t familiar, Yuuichi Nakamura is the voice of the famous Gojo-sensei from Jujutsu Kaisen. He also voiced Kuro from Haikyuu and Hawk from Hero Academia.

Sora Amamiya also fits JK perfectly since she has this mellow cold voice that reminds you of her voice performance as Akame from Akame ga Kill. Of course, let’s not forget Kouki Uchiyama who is famous for voicing Tsukishima from Haikyuu, Toge from Jujutsu Kaisen, and his most recent role as Miyamura from Horimiya. He really matches well with Yuuichi since they’ve been on two series together, not to mention Sensei and Kazuma’s banter reminds you of Tsukishima and Kuro moments LOL.

Official Wallpapers

Your ears are done feasting. Go ahead and spoil your eyes this time as Sora-sensei has a lot of BEAUTIFUL artwork that’s perfect to use as wallpapers. Heck, I could even stare at everything in full HD for hours and still be in awe because Sensei and JK look gorgeous here!!

Sora-sensei released three photo books of Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi. The photo books are a special edition of their designated volume so buying it would mean you get the whole volume of the series plus the artwork. You can check the sample photos plus links for each if you wanna buy them.

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Volume 05 Special Edition 01

You get chapters 27-32 plus an extra chapter (from the drama CD above) in Volume 05.

(C) Mizuki Sora | Hana to Yume | Hakusensha

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Volume 08 Special Edition 02

You get chapters 45-49 plus an extra chapter in Volume 08.

(C) Mizuki Sora | Hana to Yume | Hakusensha

Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi Volume 12 Special Edition 03

You get chapters 66-71 plus an extra chapter in Volume 12. (This is my favorite because there are a lot of Sensei artworks here!)

(C) Mizuki Sora | Hana to Yume | Hakusensha

Is it worth it?

Buying these photo books is definitely worth it! I personally am not a fan of buying merch because I just ignore it after buying them but this is definitely worth the buck. It’s twice the original price when buying the normal version but that’s because of the artwork and you won’t complain once you see the photos in HD. So, what are you waiting for? Go click on the links above and add them to your cart!!

The series is still ongoing and currently at volume 12 (volume 13 should be ready in a few months since the progress in the magazine is already at volume 14). It’s released twice a month in Japan under Hana to Yume magazine.

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    Hehe(灬º‿º灬) I really liked jk’s voice in the cd same with kazuma-kun I thought jk’s voice didn’t suit her at first because it was to high? Or to soft but then on some parts her voice deepened a little it suited the lines so much

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