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Bessatsu Comics Issue 09/2021

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“Queen’s Quality” by Motomi Kyousuke is on the cover of Betsucomi issue 9/2021. This series is the continuation of the mangaka’s previous work- QQ Sweeper. The story is about Fumi who now lives with Kyuutaro who works as a sweeper (Those who clean the heart and mind of people with negative energy and harmful spirits). New Serializations Next Issue: Kemono… Read More »Bessatsu Comics Issue 09/2021

Bessatsu Margaret Issue 09/2021

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“Kieta Hatsukoi” by Hinekure Wataru is on the cover of Betsuma issue 9/2021 to celebrate the announcement of its drama adaptation. The story is about Aoki who has a crush on Hashimoto. -> Hashimoto found out that Aoki likes Ida because it was written on her eraser that he picked up. -> Ida saw Aoki holding that eraser and assumed… Read More »Bessatsu Margaret Issue 09/2021

Bessatsu Friend Issue 09/2021

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“Defying Kurosaki-kun” by Makino is on the cover of Betsufure issue 9/2021 to celebrate the 1st part of its final chapter. The story is about Yu Akabane, who’s trying her best to defy the sadist hottie, Kurosaki in order for her to enjoy her high school life. New Serializations: 1. Kurage to Sango by Nakato Nui – Mitsuki and Sango… Read More »Bessatsu Friend Issue 09/2021